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July 09, 2021 3 min read

Lucky are those people who can make their minds work anytime and anywhere. But for those whose working mood depends on their environment, productivity can be a big challenge. To be able to function in a certain place, some people prefer a more organized, cleaner, and quieter environment. No one can also work in an area that has a musty smell.

Now that people are forced to stay at home and transfer workplaces in bedrooms and spare rooms, being productive has never been more challenging. Noise, pets, and other household members can be distracting at all hours.

Aside from adding lights to brighten your workspace, we recommend you start putting popular scented candles in your working area. We list the reasons below.

Scented Candles Improve Productivity

Have you ever smelled perfume, a flower, or food, and you were suddenly taken back to a specific time in your life? This is because when we detect a particular scent, the olfactory bulb identifies the scent and sends signals to the thalamus. This process increases alertness and consciousness. The thalamus also sends a sensory signal to the cerebral cortex to act upon the scent detected.

Citrus scents are found to be good motivators in the office. Lemon, rosemary, and mint scents are the best scented candles to regulate productivity when added to a workspace. Did you know that Japanese offices also use these scents in their air conditioning system? This is their employers’ way of boosting their employees’ mental and physical energy.

Scented Candles Create a Calm Atmosphere

Getting up for work and forcing yourself to come up with work ideas early in the morning can be anxiety-inducing. With the use of scented candles, you can create a more comfortable and calm work atmosphere to help you accomplish your tasks throughout the day. Do you want to work in a place where you feel like you are in a coffee shop or a chocolate factory? Just light up a candle with your chosen scent, and you can carry on with your day.

If you have a specific task for the day, peppermint and cinnamon can boost your creativity. If you have many looming deadlines, rosemary can help improve your focus. But if you need to chill out from the number of tasks for the day, lavender is your best option.

Scented Candles Are More Than Mood Regulators

If you live in a small apartment, it may be difficult to delineate specific spaces for working, eating, and lounging. When the scents of lunch reach your workstation, that’s an additional distraction that will derail your productivity.

Good-smelling candles can solve this problem easily. It can instantly make your office professional and welcoming again by removing the odor of your meals and other home-related smells!


In this time when working spaces are far from the norm, it’s important to take measures to improve productivity and focus. One good way that can help is to add scented candles to your workspace. Your favorite scent will trigger happy memories and help you remain calm despite the amount of work you have to finish within the day!

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