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July 16, 2021 3 min read

Using good-smelling candles is one of the most effective ways to give the space a subtle lift. However, scented candles’ effectiveness often depends on where you choose to place them. A pleasant evening can easily become a nightmare with the easy mistake of putting a scented candle next to a shifting curtain. Placing two candles of different types next to each other can also cause the slightly less horrific outcome of clashing scents.

Knowing where to place scented candles to maximize their effectiveness can make a big difference in how satisfied you are by them. Proper usage can make your home smell lovely and add a certain homey vibe. 

Wondering where you should be placing your favorite candles? Keep reading to find out!

Living Room

The living room is always the first area where people place scented candles—and for good reason! This space is where most people spend the majority of their time at home. Lighting a candle with a warm and relaxing scent like sandalwood is a great way to upgrade your experience after a long day at work.

If you aren’t looking to relax, choose a different fragrance that makes you feel alive and active while boosting your mood. Citrus-based scents are excellent!

Some fragrances can also offer a feeling of peace and comfort. Vanilla, tea, and other similar scents will work wonderfully for this.


A bathroom can be a favorite area for you if you enjoy tropical scents or the smell of fresh linens. It's ideal for some candles, but it's not always the best option for hiding odors in a bathroom. Because restrooms are usually small, it's best to choose a candle that's not too big.

This room in your home is used every day and should be treated as one of the most important. You can easily upgrade the time you spend indoors with a scented candle. Just light one up a few minutes before you step inside for your shower, or combine it with scented bath salts for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. 

Candles are best placed on the back of the toilet or on the sides of the tub. You can also place them on the counter, but be extra cautious to not knock them off while you’re washing your hands or face!


After a hard day of work, you might want to unwind as the sun sets in the evening. While waiting to fall asleep, a fragrant candle can help you relax and enjoy your time in bed, leading you to another great location for your scented candles to offer a wonderful perfume to your home.

Lavender, rose, ginger and jasmine are some of the best-scented candles for the bedroom. They are known for relieving exhaustion and stress while promoting a feeling of ease. The good news is that there are plenty of fantastic blends on the market; there’s sure to be something you like!

Storage Room

The three areas above are some of the most heavily used rooms in the house. However, candles don’t only have to be confined to these areas! The light and aroma they lend are wonderful for chasing out stagnant air in rooms that aren’t used as frequently. That’s why we recommend using candles as air fresheners for your storage room!

The next time you clean out the storage room, bring a scented candle in and light it. In just a few minutes, you’ll feel the air is fresher and full of a pleasant scent. Just be careful to keep an eye on it and extinguish the flame if you leave the room.

Key Takeaways

There will always be a spot in your home to put on your favorite scent. You may feel confident choosing thebest candles for your home if you follow the scented candle suggestions above.

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