Your Bag is Empty

June 19, 2019 2 min read

Candles are essential when you’re looking to have a fantastic experience at home, clear up unpleasant smells, and set the mood for relaxation. Whether you’re looking for something on a tight budget or going all-out on aromatic essentials, there’s no doubt having a candle in your home can heighten the sense of comfort.

However, there are wrong ways to light up a candle and many people don’t realize their mistakes. Any error in lighting, maintenance, or use will reduce your candle’s longevity, diminish its aroma, and affect its attractiveness.

To help keep your candles in tip-top shape, here are a few common mistakes that you might find yourself making and the measures for prevention:

You’re airing your candle heavily when it’s lit

Contrary to popular belief, having copious amounts of wind to “air” your candle to spread its aroma doesn’t work. Although adding some a breeze will help your entire room smell like the ocean breeze, this will diminish your candle’s overall quality by unintentionally directing the flame onto the wax, which then burns off the aroma-inducing compounds.

It’s best to set your candle away from ventilation ducts, windows, fans, air conditioning units, and any other appliances or areas where the wind is hard to control, as this will help keep your candle in the best shape possible.

The wick isn’t trimmed

One common mistake made by many is the failure to trim off the burnt parts of the candle wick, which results in black smoke emanating from the candle when lit up. This causes a nasty smell that shouldn’t come from your candle. Untrimmed wicks also tend to create huge flames that pose a significant fire hazard. It would help if you trimmed the wick so that the flame would only be half an inch tall at most.

You’re letting your candle burn too long

Although someone might tell you that “they can burn all night so you can wake up feeling amazing in the morning,” your candles weren’t made to last for extended periods. As a guide, always remember that your candle can only burn up to three hours at most. If it continues to burn any longer, the wick will drown in a pool of wax, eventually making it shorter and harder to reach until you have to throw it away and get a new one.

There’s no cover when you light your candle up

One crucial fact to know about candles is that they can act like a vortex that sucks up any particles in the air and burns them right up. Dust particles are commonly found in the air and are difficult to see with the human eye and can stir up quite a bit of trouble for anyone trying to enjoy its aromatic perfection. Burnt dust can be sensitive on the nose and the allergies, causing a smell similar to that of burning trash because it’s rubbish that flies through the air.

Although candles are easy to enjoy, you will get the most use out of them if you’re proactive about keeping them in good condition. Are you looking for a new set of beautiful, aromatic candles to adorn that little cabinet in your entryway? Stock up at Love Spoon Candles today!