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July 16, 2021 3 min read

If you are a fan of collecting candles, you should also know the proper ways of storing them before and after use. There are proper ways to store different types of candles, and we’ll explore them in this article. 

But first, let’s go through the general rules of proper candle storage:

  • Fire safety should be paramount. Keep candles away from anything that easily catches fire, such as cardboard boxes. Also, keep them away from pets and children.
  • Store candles in a cool environment, within or below room temperature. That protects the candles from softening, melting, or bending. However, do not freeze candles since they are sensitive to both extreme hot and cold temperatures. Freezing candles may lead to damaged wicker.
  • Avoid placing candles in direct sunlight due to the possibility of melting and fading colors. The darker the storage, the better.
  • Keep candles in a dry place at all times.

Storing Different Candles

Following the general rules of candle storage, there are still some things to keep in mind. For instance, taper candles are more sensitive to heat than jar candles, so the former must always be kept in a cool environment, while you can be more flexible for the latter. 

With that said, different candles require different storage, too:

Love Taper Candles

Taper candles can be difficult to store since nothing is supporting their structure, unlike jar candles. The simple trick is to always keep them flat at all times to prevent warping. Taper candles are very sensitive to heat and other materials that can easily scratch or dinge them. 

To keep them straight and undamaged, wrap them in tissue paper individually and store them in a box or a basket. You may place them inside empty tubes made of metal or plastic. If you could, it’s best to store them in galvanized boxes that can withstand extreme temperatures. 

Jar and Tumbler Candles

Jar candles are popular with candle enthusiasts since they don’t spoil easily and last extra long. Since they already have their glass containers to support their structure, you can store them by simply stacking them in a place that they don’t fall.

In this case, you may also use a box or a basket that can hold them safely. If you prefer storage that offers more visibility, you can place them on a shelf or in a door rack, similar to how they are placed in candle stores. 

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles come in two forms: jar or taper. That means the proper way of storing them depends on their structure, too. If your pillar candles are already in glass jars, then there isn’t much to say about storing them other than placing them upright. 

On the other hand, taper pillar candles must also be stored flat to prevent damage to their structures, much like standard taper candles.

Votives and Small Candles

Votives and small candles aren’t that sensitive and easy to damage, but they can melt together if you’re not careful enough. To ensure safe storage, stack them in a box that has dividers. Votives may also be stored in small ornament boxes or egg cartons. 


Candles are perfect for relaxing evenings and bubble baths. So, safely storing them is one of the ways to use and enjoy them in the best manner. If you are an enthusiast, a candle delivery subscription is suitable for your weekly candle needs.

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