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June 25, 2021 2 min read

People live in a hectic world that demands everyone to be in a race to beat deadlines; that’s why it’s easier to build up stress and reach the cusps of burnout by the end of the week. That’s why everybody needs to take the time to slow down their roll, kick back, and unwind with a much-needed self-care day. 

One of the best self-care essentials that unfailingly set the scene includes scented candles, but what makes it a go-to choice worldwide is its versatile way of brightening up any routine you have in mind for your “me” time. 

If you’re wondering what you can do with your scented candles and where to insert them into your self-care routine, the list below explores different scenarios where lighting up a scented candle can lighten your mood. 

A Dip in the Bath 

Nothing beats the crashing relief one feels when taking a bath after a long, hard day’s work. Relaxing by the tub can soothe your aching muscles and wash off your stress, but lighting up a scented candle can transport you to a wellness spa where you can truly unwind from head to toe. Why not dial up the therapeutic feel and effects using one of Lovespoon Candle’s “Day at the Spa” candles? 

Reading a Book 

Stories can distract people from the pressures of reality and share narratives from far-off worlds, making it an enjoyable, productive, yet calming hobby. Compelling stories can truly grip the mind, but lighting up a scented candle likePumpkin Pie candle from Lovespoon Candles can paint the lovely scenes in your head and turn your activity into a truly idyllic experience. 

Achieve Inner Peace by Meditating

When the mind gets muddled with anxious-driven thoughts, it’s high time to stop it from its tracks by meditating. This gives your brain a chance to relax, let go of its daily worries, and let loose. With that in mind, you can kickstart your meditation session on the right track by letting the embers of anOcean Breeze candle take your mind in a summer-inspired escape. 

Heal the Body by Doing Yoga 

Meditation aims to calm the mind, but yoga is designed to release your body’s stiffness, aches, and pains. Different yoga styles build your physical wellness, though it requires your undivided attention to center yourself. Having aLime Cooler candle emanating citrus fragrances to unlock your energy can do wonders for boosting your yoga sessions. 

The Bottom Line: The Different Ways Scented Candles Take Your Self-Care Day to the Next Level

Self-care has been a buzzword for years, and it continues to boom as people’s busy lifestyle demands it; that’s why care packages are emerging left and right. That’s where our scented candles come into play! 

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