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April 29, 2021 3 min read

If you’ve ever had a visceral reaction to a seemingly ordinary scent wafting through the air, you’re not alone. Scientists say that our sensory system is connected to a section of the brain that invokes feelings and memories, which means that what you smell can trigger past events and emotions that you’ve come to associate with it. For instance, the smell of freshly-baked cookies instantly takes you back to summers spent with your grandparents, and the scent of incense reminds you of the relaxing spa retreat you recently enjoyed.

When you connect an aroma to a pleasant or distressing experience, smelling it in different circumstances will still trigger these memories, which can be used to your advantage. If you constantly surround yourself with enjoyable scents that make you feel happy and productive, you’ll enjoy better moods and improved overall well-being. 

The Importance of Focusing on Your Mental Health

Many people are aware of the importance of taking care of their physical health, such as exercising regularly and eating the right food. However, they fail to account for their mental and emotional health, which is just as vital for living a fulfilled life. Practices like aromatherapy were developed to address this, relieving stress by using fragrances and scents to calm your nerves and soothe your mind, body, and soul. Some people use essential oils to achieve this, while others opt for scented candles.

Fortunately, you don’t need to visit a spa to benefit from various fragrances that offer many different benefits. Getting scented candles that target stress relief and anxiety is a great way to liven up your home and create a more positive atmosphere for you to rest, relax, and thrive.

Five Candle Scents and Their Benefits

To get started, here are a few candle scents known for their incredible effects on calming the mind and relaxing the body:


Lavender is well-known for its incredibly soothing effects, supported by scientific studies. One study found thatlavender essential oil helped participants feel calmer without sedating them, giving it an advantage over benzodiazepines. It also does not have abuse potential, making it a safe and natural way to feel more relaxed. Since it helps decrease heart rate and reduces anxiety, it is excellent at keeping nervousness and depression at bay while boosting your mood. Consider lighting uplavender candles in your bedroom to enjoy its effects, which will help you relax and slip into a deep sleep. 


Citrus scents from orange, lemongrass, and grapefruit are known to be incredibly refreshing and positive, instantly brightening your mood. For this reason, it’s popularly used to improve productivity and work efficiency given its fresh smell, encouraging those who smell it to focus. It is fantastic at keeping people alert, productive, and concentrated. 

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling sluggish about the work you need to do, try lighting up somecitrus candles. With delicious notes of lemon zest, orange citrus, and grapefruit, you’ll feel revitalized and ready to tackle all your tasks!


It can be challenging to avoid giving in to your sugary cravings, especially when you have a sweet tooth. Fortunately, lightingvanilla-scented candles is a great way to tackle this, which will fill your home with the sweet aroma of fresh vanilla beans. It can also create a particular atmosphere, like a romantic one, due to its alluring fragrance. 


Sometimes, you may find yourself staying up late at night to focus on some last-minute tasks or get work done in time for deadlines the following day. Lightingcinnamon stick candles is a great way to focus your mind on your goal and work towards it without any distractions, thanks to its incredible, spicy smell that loves to keep you on your toes.


If you regularly deal with sinus infections, the common cold, or even allergies, then lighting up aeucalyptus-scented candle will be the answer to your stuffy-nose problems. With a soothing blend of peppermint, patchouli, cedarwood, and eucalyptus, your congestion will slowly clear up and allow you to breathe easier.  


Filling your home with scented candles is a great way to transform it into a tranquil sanctuary, allowing you to seek reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They help you feel better, calm your nerves, and generally improve your well-being simply by lighting them up.

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