Your Bag is Empty

July 02, 2021 3 min read

How well do you really know your favorite scented candles? Perhaps everything you thought you knew about burning them is wrong, and you’re just about to discover the right ways to do it! 

Now, we’ll help you enjoy every ounce of your candle and save money in the long run. Here are seven tips to burn your candles the right way:

Tip #1: Place Your Candles 10 Sq. Ft. Apart 

Make sure you have enough candles to saturate the space with your aroma. As a rule of thumb, an 8 oz. candle should be used for every 10 sq. ft. of area. A bigger living area may need three to four small candles to make the entire space smell wonderful.

Tip #2: Have Different Scents for Every Room

After inhaling the same aroma for more than 15 minutes, your olfactory system becomes less sensitive, giving the impression that the scent from your candle has faded. This is what you call desensitization of the nose, which can occur in as short as 15 minutes. Use a different scented candle in different places of your home to excite your nose as you go from room to room for stronger fragrances.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to Where You Place Candles

Take note of where your candle is positioned in the room. If you place it near an open window or air vent, the smell intensity of the candle may be affected. It’s also important to keep your scented candle away from drapes and fabric by placing it on a sturdy, heat-resistant surface. If you have more than one candle in the same room, make sure they’re inches away to avoid burning each other!

Tip #4: Choose the Perfect Scent

Consider what fragrances you want in a space and how you want them to impact you. Citrus scents such as orange, neroli, or bergamot can help you feel refreshed and invigorated. Other candles, such as lavender or camomile, can help you create a relaxing environment.

Each room in your home may also require a distinct smell. Purchase candles with a cozy culinary fragrance, such as vanilla or cinnamon, for the kitchen. For your friends and family's comfort, pick a calming warm sandalwood aroma for the living area. A lavender aroma may also help you relax and sleep better in the bedroom. Finally, select a wild card scent that will eliminate odors for your bathroom!

Tip #5: Use Essential Oils

A great way to keep toxins out of your home and introduce scent is to use quality essential oil-fragranced candles. They’re not only natural but they also cause fewer irritations and allergies than synthetic fragrances. For perfumes that provide the best aromatic advantages without the harshness of inexpensive smells, a highly concentrated fragrance mix of aromatherapy essential oils is highly recommended.

Tip #6: Take Note of the Necessary Components

A scented candle worth your money should exhibit undeniable the quality and size of the cotton or wooden wicks, as well as the type of wax used. The correct wick type and size make for greater aroma dispersal from your candle. 

Vegetable wax often used with soy wax candles can be somewhat more environmentally friendly than mineral wax, although mineral wax can occasionally last longer. Choose the one that works best for you and your preferences!


As consumers, it’s also vital to monitor our usage. When it comes to scented candles for our home, our office, or our business, it’s important that we don’t waste every chance to enhance a living or working experience. Therefore, burn your candle the right way and don’t waste it simply to mask odors. Additionally, don’t ever leave a lit candle unattended! Make sure to follow these tips and get the value for your money.

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