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July 02, 2021 3 min read

Nowadays, people look for ways to improve their quality of living and experience comfort through multiple means, including using essential oils and diffusers and lighting scented soy candles. When it comes to candles, there is a right way to light them and keep them burning.

Failing to understand how to take proper care of your candles could ruin them much faster than usual, leading you to waste your candle after only recently purchasing it. Knowing the correct practices for using your candles encourages you to maximize their use for a long time.

Keep reading below to find out what to do to ensure you come home from a tiring day at work or school every day and look forward to using your scented candles to your heart’s content.

Ways to Utilize Your Soy Candles Properly

You Should Get the First Burn Right

Lighting your spa-scented candles for the first time is crucial because it can make or break how you can look forward to using your candles until the wax runs out. You have to commit yourself to get the initial burn right to ensure the next time you light your candle will be a breeze.

For best results, during the first time that you light your candle, keep it burning for a while, at least until its wax melts and reaches the sides. If you don’t, there’s a big chance your candle will undergo tunneling, which involves creating a pool of unmelted wax in the middle, ruining your soy candle at first glance.

You Should Learn to Trim its Wick

After lighting your premium candle for the first time, since you’ll be using it more often, you must learn to trim the wick before lighting it every time. Cutting parts of the candle’s wick that have burned down is necessary to encourage your candle to produce a clean burn with each use.

Trimming your candle’s wick is a simple process. You can opt to use a wick trimmer, a pair of scissors, or a piece of tissue to take out the burnt portion of the wick while leaving enough of it for relighting your candle. Once you get that out of the way, you can enjoy your soy candle the same as you did the first time you kept it burning.

You Should Always Use the Lid

You can expect the tin candles for sale that you purchase to always come with a lid, a vital part of any scented candle that you shouldn’t treat solely for design purposes. Every time you don’t use your candle, you must make the habit of covering your candle with the lid to prevent dust, dirt particles, and insects from landing on your candle.

Since a soy candle is made from soft wax, when you keep the lid off whenever you don’t use your candle, it can often feel taxing to clean it out and remove the dust. If you want to avoid dealing with unnecessary problems, the least you can do is put the lid back on when the candle isn’t burning.


Whether you own a candle membership or you purchase soy candles only every once in a while, you must know how to use them correctly to prolong their lifespan. Remember to get the first burn right, learn to trim its wick, and always use the lid to make the most out of your scented soy candles, providing you a relaxing experience like no other.

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