Your Bag is Empty

February 21, 2021 3 min read

Mother's Day is Fast Approaching! It is May 9th, 2021. Believe it or Not, this will be here faster than you think! Are you Prepared this year to get your Mom the best gift every? More than likely many of you answered no, haven't even thought of it as of yet! Not to fear, you still have time and we will share some Mother's Day Gift Ideas she will love!

Well, here are some gift ideas: a one-step hair dryer, true crime documentary, or a regular hair dryer, gift card options, subscription box companies, a weighted blanket, uncommon goods always has so many cool things to choose from, cleaning products, or of course lovely scented soy candles! We may be bias on the last option! Wait, did we actually say cleaning products? Well believe it or not this has been purchased before, yet may not be the best for your Mom! A gift subscription to a subscription box is also something Mom will love! Mothers day gifts are different than birthday gifts & Christmas gifts as Mothers Day is all about showing Mom how much you love her and what she has done for you and made your life better. Again Christmas gifts are great, but this day is ONLY for MOM, so please put a lot of thought into your gift for Mom this Mothers Day!

At Lovespoon Candles, you can do a gift subscription to our "Candle of the Month" club which is a candle subscription where we send 3 candles monthly to your Mom. We like to call it "SERENITY. DELIVERED. MONTHLY." This is better than getting Mom a gift card which really requires little to no thought. Yes, a gift card is great for perhaps a stocking stuffer, but a gift card for Mother's Day, you can do better than this:-) Our Subscription Box, is better than a weighted blanket and some may say it is the perfect gift. Our Candle Club is the perfect gift because it is the gift that keeps on giving all year round! Yes we know a weighted blanket is super soft but when the weather gets warm or hot, your Mom will no longer need it. Plus we have the word "LOVE" in our name at Lovespoon Candles, give Mom your "Love" and "Appreciation" this year on Mother's Day! Lovespoon Candles are unique and uncommon goods that your Mom may have not heard of just yet, so these 100% soy wax candles with essential oils will be certain to delight your Mom.

If you don't want to purchase the Lovespoon Candle Club just yet, perhaps you get your Mom 1-2 scented candles she is sure to savor and enjoy. You can even take our Fragrance Finder Quiz to help you narrow down the best candle for your Mom! One Mom loves our Banana Nut Bread which always makes a great gift, or another Mom loves our Lavender scented candle which is a great gift or another Mom loves one of our Best Sellers, Vanilla Bean which is a great gift as well! You know your Mom what your mom loves the best, simply take the Fragrance Finder Quiz to help pare down your choices to find the most perfect gift that your Mom loves and won't forget for years to come!