Your Bag is Empty

March 04, 2021 5 min read

Mother's Day falls on May 9, 2021 this year.  Believe it or not, Mother's Day, is fast approaching! Our question for you, is, have you thought about Mom, yet?

You want a Happy Mother, don't you? Sure you do:-)

If you do, let's discuss your options and tactics you can implement this Mother's Day so you are certain to make Mom feel special and ultimately feel loved to the max!

She has done so much for you your entire life, cooking for you, taking you to and from practices, helping you study for school, cleaning your room, lending a shoulder for you to cry on when you had a tough day. Mom's are our WARRIORS that will be and do anything for us! The least we can do, is use our brain, and think about what Mom will love as a gift on Mother's Day.

What special item says "I LOVE YOU" and "I AM SO GRATEFUL" for you Mom?

We have no doubt, after reading this brief article/blog, you will have your wheels spinning and you will come up with the most perfect gift for Mom this year.

Believe it or not, the date of Mother's Day in 2021 is Sunday, May 9th, about 2 months away.

So, we are encouraging you to start to get the wheels in motion, start dusting off the cob-webs and start thinking of some unique gift ideas that your Mom will absolutely LOVE! Again, you have so many gift ideas to choose from these days when it comes to selecting Mother's Day Gifts. You can always go with the old-reliable, flowers, chocolates and a card, yet, that gets a bit boring. You can find better Mother's Day Gifts for your Mom, challenge yourself this year! Why not do something like a unique experience or a curated frame of you and your family, or something handmade with love?. We get it, narrowing down your gift ideas isn't an easy task to do, as we always seem to put so much pressure on ourselves to get the most perfect gift. And sometimes a gift card is the best bet for the Moms who like to be choosy, and pick something out that they KNOW they will love. It is a full proof tactic for sure!

Gift cards or egift cards are typically a last-resort type of present, but sometimes, they are the only option due to your time constraints or due to the fact that some Moms like to have autonomy and pick out their own lovely gift.

Or, Sometimes, it’s as simple as it slipped my mind, and gift cards are the BEST solution! If you find yourself in either type of bind, there are seemingly endless options for e-gift cards that can be delivered almost instantly. Sometimes it feels like finding the perfect gift for the Mom in your life is impossible. There are certainly Moms who probably hint about what they want and others who are just super easy to shop for — but what about all the others? The answer: a gift card. Better yet, an e-gift card that can be delivered right to your email inbox within seconds and then you can either forward the email to Mom at the most perfect moment, or print out the gift card and present it directly to your Mom!

While gift cards have gotten a bad reputation over the years as the “impersonal lazy gift,” we think the opposite. Pretty much every retailer out there offers gift cards to customers. So while you may not know exactly what item your Mom would want for Mother's Day, if you buy her a gift card from one of their favorite brands — she is bound to be happy!

So to make things even easier, at Lovespoon Candles, we launched 8 different gift cards that will surely delight your Mom that you (almost) forgot. If you do have a little bit of lead time, or if you’re planning on seeing your Mom, go through the trouble of printing out the gift card and stick it in a card. Or better yet, put the printout in a box that you then gift wrap. It’s the little things that count and Mom will most definitely appreciate this caring act on your part. We actually have eight e-gift cards at Lovespoon Candles for you to choose from! We have a Lovespoon Happy Mother's Day Gift Card, Lovespoon Slate Gift Card, Lovespoon Ivory Gift Card, Lovespoon Birthday Gift Card, Lovespoon Gratitude Gift Card, Lovespoon Signature Gift Card, Lovespoon Roses Gift Card, Lovespoon Sending Love Gift Card.

So we have a large selection of Mother's Day Gift Cards or Mother's Day Gifts to choose from. So if you are looking for egift cards for Mom, for Mother's Day, you can choose several perfect ones: The Lovespoon Happy Mother's Day Gift Cardis obviously the clear choice, yet, one may argue that instead of sending flowers this Mother's Day, you will send Mom a Lovespoon Roses Gift Card! You can also get Mom, the Lovespoon Sending Love Gift Card! Our Mother's Day Gift Card is different than other Mother's Day Gift Cards, because our brand name actually has "LOVE" in it! Yes, you can literally send Mom "LOVE" this Mother's Day with Lovespoon Candles. Plus, Lovespoon Candles is not your typical Mother's Day Gift and neither are our Mother's Day Gift Cards!

Mom, will think you put a lot of thought into your purchase this year! Not sure if you knew this, but when we say you are really purchasing "LOVE" for Mom, you actually are.

Did you know, In Wales, a Lovespoon is a decorative spoon carved from one piece of wood & was traditionally presented as a romantic blessing to the couple that just experienced wedded bliss & ultimately symbolized romantic intent. The Lovespoon is commonly adorned with symbols of love, & was intended to reflect the skill of the carver. Due to the intricate designs, Lovespoons are no longer used as functioning spoons and are now decorative craft items that serve as rare & exclusive gifts.

See, so there you have it, you are actually purchasing and sending Mom love with a Lovespoon Candle or a Lovespoon Gift Card. Or, maybe one day, you can really splurge and get Mom our Candle Club, which is our Monthly Subscription Box of Candles. Whatever you choose for Mom this year, we are certain, you will put more thought into it, and this extra thinking will lead to a grateful and happy Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!