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February 21, 2021 6 min read

The Internet has opened up all kinds of opportunities for consumers. Shopping on the Internet is very convenient. You can easily compare prices, read reviews, and see pictures of what you want. When it comes to candle subscription boxes, however, shopping online can often be difficult.

Most online retailers allow you to browse their website for the subscription box candles that they carry. The first thing that you need to consider when shopping online is whether or not you want to get your monthly candle subscription from a local retailer or an online retailer. If you are buying online, be sure that it is an authorized retailer. In some cases, you may be able to purchase your subscription through toll-free numbers or websites that require a credit card number. Before you pay any fees or buy anything, be sure to read the fine print.

It is also important to understand exactly what you want in your monthly candle subscription. Do you want a random set of candles or a monthly candle subscription for a specific duration? What type of fragrance are you interested in? Are you looking for something decorative such as crystals? Each question will help narrow down the choices.

Once you know what you want, you are ready to shop. Check to see if your local retailer carries the brand or types of candles that you are interested in. If they do, you can choose from the same brands that they carry. Or, you might want to visit an online store and choose from a wider selection of candles.

Once you find a few candle subscription boxes that you like, it is time to choose your fragrance. There are so many different scents available on the market today. If you know what type of scent you are looking for, this should be easy. Choose something that reflects who you are. This could be sporty, classy, sexy, or any other personality trait you want to capture in your fragrance. You can even choose one based on the season that you are in. We even have a Fragrance Finder Quiz on our website at Lovespoon Candles to help you find the most perfect candle for everyday purchases, and we even have a Fragrance Finder Quiz for our Candle Club, or our Luxury Candle Subscription.

Once you make your monthly candle subscription, all you have to do is sign up! The manufacturer will then ship your subscription to you automatically. You will get your box in a few weeks. Once your box arrives, you can then indulge and enjoy any way you want. Some retailers even allow you to write a message on the box. This is a great way to personalize your subscription, making it truly unique.

You can choose different types of candles to send with your monthly candle subscription. There are several types of discount candle that you can choose to add to your monthly candle subscription. If you prefer flavored candles, there are several options for you. There are several different scents for you to choose from, including the favorite chocolate candy of chocolate candles, fruit candles, or floral candles. There are specialty beeswax candles for those who enjoy a more delicate fragrance. If you are allergic to beeswax, there are soy candle options that you can select as well.

For those who like aromatherapy scented candles, there are a variety of options that allow you to choose from the rose, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, and other favorite aromas. There are even subscription boxes with a combination of two or more scents for those who enjoy mixing and matching different scents. Once you have selected your subscription box candles, you will be able to send them out in time for the holiday season.

No matter what your choice is, you can be assured that your subscription will arrive in plenty of time for holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. If you want them to arrive early, you may opt to have your subscription sent on a separate day. This way, your box will arrive before you have to make it home for the holidays. For most people, however, sending candles in for the holidays is as easy as clicking the button for your box and picking out the ones that you want. If you want to create a wonderful holiday surprise for your loved ones, consider purchasing a monthly subscription.

Subscription box candles are a great way to add a fun and decorative touch to your lady's bedroom. A Candle Subscriptionare available in a variety candle fragrance flight options and some are handmade with soy wax. At Lovespoon Candles the scents can be alluring and exotic. They come in all kinds of essential oil fragrance options.

Women-owned business Lovespoon Candles serves up three, luxury soy wax candles in a curated monthly subscription box.

Each monthly subscription is delivered in their signature open trestle designed box, minimally branded box that includes the 3 soy wax candles, an information card, proceeds to Feeding Children Everywhere plus additional goodies: gratitude cards, wooden carved lovespoon, sterling silver lovespoon charm, and a wick trimmer. 

Before subscribers receive their first box, they need to fill out their "Smart" Fragrance Finder Quiz. The Fragrance Finder asks new subscribers if they like, dislike, or are indifferent to floral scents (like rose and gardenia), herbal scents (like eucalyptus and mint), citrus scents (like orange blossom and Meyer lemon), earthy scents (like sandalwood and musk), and more.  Essentially our Fragrance Finder will find ONLY the scents that the customer absolutely loves.

Lovespoon offers four subscriptions: Monthly, 3 Month, 6 Month, and 12 Month subscription boxes.  Each subscription box contains (1) Deluxe Tin from our Cornerstone Collection, (1) Deluxe Jar from our Monogram Series Collection and (1) Travel Tin Candle plus the other goodies!

Also at Lovespoon Candles, our Candle Subscription only contains soy wax candles. As a matter of fact, the recipient will receive 3 soy wax candles each month. We like to call it, "Serenity. Delivered. Monthly." We find that soy wax candles allow for a clean and long burn. Our soy wax candles are from 100% American Soybean Farmers. Our monthly candle subscription boxalso provides some proceeds to Feeding Children Everywhere. So not only will you indulge in a great soy wax candle but you will also be contributing to people in need and become a Hunger Hero!

A Candle Monthly Subscription Box are really becoming more and more popular these days and our Candle Subscription Boxes are new to the scene, yet certainly do not lack the utmost in quality.

A recipient can expect to receive any number of these: Our Banana Nut Bread Soy Wax Candle, Our Vanilla Bean Soy Wax Candle, Our Lavender Soy Wax Candle, Or Our Day at the Spa Soy Wax Candle.

This is to name just a few. Remember we have 33 essential oil fragrance options to choose from! One may even liken our candle scent subscription boxor monthly subscription to a luxury candle subscription.

We do provide Deluxe Tins & Jars in a beautifully designed Candle Boxwhich certainly provides an appealing aesthetic that would allow one to come to the conclusion that our Lovespoon Candle Club is certainly a luxury candle subscription.

Our fragrances are unique to the yankee candle fragrance as ours is not mass produced. Each of our candles are soy candles hand-poured. Since our candles are soy candles hand-poured many customers appreciate this more as they know that each candle is provided with the utmost in quality, love and care.

The Lovespoon Candle Club is available in many different themes, colors and designs.

Some subscription boxes will include soy candles hand-poured from our Monogram Series which entails 6 lovely designed colorful recycled glass jar containers.

Our jar containers come in a rainbow of colors: red, orange, blue, brown, green and purple, some even call our purple jar, the purple vertigo candle because so many of our fragrances are so intoxicating.

Additionally, our candle subscription will also include soy candles hand-poured from our Cornerstone Collection which entails our candles being contained in our elegantly design black matted deluxe tins.

Furthermore, our candle subscription also provides a scrumptious fragrance in our Travel Tin Collection. In all, there will be a deluxe tin soy candle delivered, a deluxe glass jar soy candle delivered, and a travel tin soy candle delivered.

This means with our candle subscription a lucky recipient will receive a candle trio scented in one of our 33 fragrances each month. So if you are going to get a soy candle delivered, why not make it a candle trio scented from one of our 33 fragrances?

We encourage you to check out our candle club page where you can learn more about our luxury candle subscription. Join the candle trio scented collectionthat is contained in such an elegant looking designed scent subscription box and join the monthly subscription that is growing by leaps and bounds! Trust us you or your loved one will enjoy bliss and serenity.