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September 03, 2021 3 min read

The pandemic placed many threats in people's lives in many ways. Still, people find ways to cope with the situation, from ordering online to video conferences and working from home. These adjustments have helped give them peace of mind and far from the threats of the virus. However, the work-from-home setup, the method that is supposed to help and make things easy, also has its set of challenges.

The Complex Setup of Working From Home

Working from home is, unfortunately, not for everyone. Some may find it a pleasurable experience. But for many, it is distracting, boring, and worse, unproductive. Sadly, other people have no option but to stay at home and continue to do their work remotely.

Luckily, small steps can be taken to improve one's quality of life and efficiency and productivity at work while implementing the temporary work-from-home setup. If an increase in productivity is your goal while doing remote work, one of the simple yet effective approaches is buying the right kind of scented candles.

The Magic of Scented Candles

Candles are not only decor at home that make the room smell good. Scented candles are also scientifically proven to affect one's mood, working capacity, and overall mental health. If you want to know how it can improve your productivity while working at home, here are some of the many ways it can help.

Stimulates Your Cognitive Senses

Generating new ideas and staying alert are essential tasks in any work industry, and doing both is quite challenging when you know that your bed is right next to where you work. Fortunately, lighting up a candle can make a difference. When you need it the most, scents like peppermint and cinnamon can give your cognitive senses the stimulation they need.

The smell of peppermint can uplift the spirit and improve one's focus. It is linked to prolonged attention and clearing up one's mind, while cinnamon is linked to better memory. It also enhances one's focus.

Keeps You Awake

Keeping your eyes open is the biggest struggle of staying at home, especially after finishing a good meal. No matter how office-like you turn your house to, its inviting vibe would always make you want to rest. The good thing is that an orange or lemon-scented candle would help keep you up the entire afternoon. Light up that candle for at least 15 to 30 minutes and feel wide awake after.

Helps Calm You Down

Are you about to make a presentation in a meeting, or are you up for an interview? No matter how many times you do it, these tasks can make you feel nervous and uneasy. In times like these, light up a jasmine-scented candle. This scent is mostly used to promote positive emotions and mood. It gives off a refreshing smell that would give you the energy you need.

Improves Focus

Working from home brings too many distractions. If you have a report to submit or you need to finish a presentation fast, lighting up a rosemary-scented candle would do the trick. This scent can help increase one's alertness, clear one's mind, relieve stress, and positively impact one's memory. With its help, you can pick up your pacing and finish all work on time.


Candles are not merely home displays. Studies have shown that when lighted, scented candles can affect the human brain. When a person inhales the candle's aroma, it travels through one's body until it reaches their brain. The compounds interact with the neurotransmitters and provide the effects enumerated in this article. Many other aromas can improve brain functionality and performance, help people recharge, and sustain one's attention. So, make sure you buy the right candle for your needs!

If you want any of these mentioned improvements, get the best-scented candles and experience the effects yourself. Lovespoon Candles offers premium handmade soy candles infused with natural essential oils in sophisticated scents that would invite you to sit back, relax, and indulge your senses. Get your candles now!