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February 22, 2021 3 min read

Lovespoon Candles Monthly Subscription Box

Each scented Lovespoon Candles Monthly Subscription Box includes 3 soy candles delivered and also little surprise monthly candle subscription gifts in each one of our candle club boxes that we send out! With each Candle Club we also provide some proceeds to Feeding Children Everywhere with each monthly subscription box that is provided with free shipping. In one of your luxury candle subscription boxes as a member of Lovespoon Candles you will receive a wick trimmer, to guarantee you're fully prepared to explore our amazing soy candles in our fan favorite Lovespoon Candles, Candle of the Month Club.

Soy candles delivered with free shipping in a monthly subscription box can make the ideal gift for anyone regardless of what the occasion. After putting in your details including email address, and following your one-time payment being processed, our candle club subscription will continue to get distributed monthly. What's better than receiving a natural soy wax candle delivered to your home? Whatever experience you're searching for, we've got a natural soy wax scented candle for you in each of our candle subscription boxes when you join the Lovespoon Candles Candle Club. You can also select from pre-pay options to receive additional savings over the retail price of our regularly priced soy wax scented candle. Each month our Candle of the Month Club has free shipping, plus if you have any special requests, simply send us an email with your email address and we will have one of our Candle of the Month Club advisors reach out.

Our scented soy candle delivered subscription boxes are "Scent with Free Shipping" and are comprised of a natural soy wax scented luxury candle. With each monthly soy wax scented candle subscription our scented soy candles are housed in either beautifully designed tins, jars or a travel tin. In each candle club monthly subscription you will receive one of these natural soy wax candles in the 3 different vessels. Our Monogram Series consist of colored jars that come in the following colors: red, blue, brown, orange, green, and as some call it the purple vertigo candle:-) Our Cornerstone Collection which consists of elegantly designed black matted deluxe tins. Additionally, you will receive a 2oz Travel Tin that is also luxuriously decorated in housed in a beautifully packaged box. Our monthly candle subscription caters to a variety of interests, and no matter what yours is, there is probably a candle subscription box out there that would appeal to you. There are 4 different soy wax luxury candle subscription boxes to select from here at Lovespoon Candles.

Each monthly scented candle subscription box is tailored to your particular tastes, meaning with our monthly candle subscription you always get to try out a new soy candle delivered to your home with free shipping which we are sure you will love. Monthly candle subscription boxes are getting more and more popular. The monthly candle subscription is one of the fastest-growing consumer trends, especially the luxury candle soy candle delivered subscription! Selecting the most suitable monthly candle subscription box can be difficult because so many have popped up in the past couple of years.

Come on over, and check us out at Lovespoon Candles, where "Serenity is Delivered Monthly" with our monthly soy wax candle subscription. Our monthly candle club soy candle subscription is sure to delight your every wish, month in and month out. With our Candle Club, you get to choose from one of our banana nut bread soy candles, vanilla bean soy candles, day at the spa soy candles, lemon verbena soy candles, lavender soy candles, or our chardonnay soy candles. Hurry over to our candle of the month club page and join the candle club today!