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September 17, 2021 3 min read

Isn't it amazing how powerful smells are? A sniff of an old perfume or a whiff of a familiar scent can immediately take you several years back and remind you of memories you did not even remember you had. A smell can trigger feelings. That is how strong they are. In fact, they can even influence the way you feel, think, and act.

If you experience problems with excessive food cravings, did you know that you can use scents to fiddle with that concern? Aromas are so powerful that they can be a helpful tool to help you resolve your craving issues.

On Scent and Sweet Cravings

Craving sweets is not an unusual thing to experience. However, going home with your newly bought sweet goods and discovering that you no longer want to eat them or that you feel like you are too full to have a bite can be annoying sometimes. 

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while, it could be problematic when the initial craving does not last, and you end up stuffing yourself with unhealthy food. Unfortunately, this scenario does not only happen in sweets. It also gets activated when you have spicy cravings or coffee yearning.

The Reason Behind the Sensation

There is a scientific explanation behind all these. According to some studies, there is a powerfulconnection between smell and cravings. Scents tend to bypass the brain's thalamus and go straight to the center called the olfactory bulb. This bulb is connected to the amygdala and hippocampus. Both are responsible for bringing back an intense emotion or a detailed memory associated with the same smell. 

That is the same rationale behind remembering happy memories on the beach when you suddenly smell sunscreen or remember the times you got drunk when you get a whiff of alcohol. The same concept applies to food when you walk in restaurants or bakeries. Unconsciously, the smell of good food immediately makes you feel hungrier than you actually are. 

Experts say that scents can affect people's mood, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance. When every person knows how specific odors affect them, they can use that knowledge to enhance their health and well-being. 

How the Best Smelling Candles Can Help You Overcome Cravings

If you want to stop the smell from tricking your brain into thinking that you are hungry when you are not, you can also counter-attack it with scent. 

Have you ever experienced feeling full after spending hours in the kitchen preparing meal for others? That is another classic example of how smell can deceive your brain into thinking otherwise. The various smell coming from the different dishes you prepared was liable for lowering your appetite. Because of that, you end up not wanting to eat any of the dishes you prepared and remain satisfied while watching your family enjoy your meals. 

If you want to reduce your food cravings, using a scent that can overpower your cravings would be a good idea to try. One recommended effective scent is that of vanilla. One experiment proved that overweight people wearing a vanilla-scented arm patch lost around five pounds in one month compared to those wearing placebo arm patches, who only lost two pounds. 


If you want to try the theory yourself, buying a vanilla-scented candle and lighting it whenever you feel the unnecessary need to eat something sweet could be a helpful strategy. Experts believe that the sweet smell from the candle could potentially decrease that need to eat something sweet, therefore, eliminating the craving. More than lowering your appetite, the pleasant scent from a sweet candle can help you feel relaxed after a long day.

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