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February 21, 2021 3 min read

Teak Wood Candles - Elegant and Long-Lasting

If you are looking for the most beautiful candle with a pleasing wood scent then read on as teakwood candles are the way to go. Our signature wood fragrance Caribbean Teakwood at Lovespoon Candles provides such a woods scent that all women and men are sure to enjoy. Not only are Lovespoon Candles pleasing to the eye, but our caribbean teakwood candles burn longer than paraffin counterparts and the scent burn time typically lasts a long duration due to the soy wax and cotton eco friendly wick that we use. The Caribbean Teakwood Candle at Lovespoon Candles come in several different styles: The Monogram Series which is comprised of Deluxe Glass Jars, The Cornerstone Collection which is comprised of Deluxe Black Matted Tins and in Our Travel Tin Collection as well.

Teakwood trees and black teakwood grow throughout the world. The heartwood from these teakwood trees and black teakwood are the inspiration used to make caribbean teak wood candles and of course many outdoor furniture and outdoor wood furniture items. Men use these logs to be harvested as mature saplings and ultimately dried to reveal a soft and dense center. After being processed, teak oil is added to improve the aroma and flavor to ensure the scent is fully maximized for full capabilities. Once it has been seasoned, it is ready to be turned into lumber. This is of course is referring to how teak oil is actually made, yet, at Lovespoon Candles we are not actually doing all this heavy lifting, our caribbean teakwood essential oils are modeled after this process to hopefully provide the real thing when it comes to this woods fragrance that women, and especially men love.

Harvesting these logs can take several months of time. Once the logs have been harvested, they must be treated in order to preserve their natural oils and resist rotting. This process is known as teak treating and this process ensures the full capabilities of their organic and woods natural oils.

After a long, woods harvesting process, men then take the logs to be hand-waxed by using special soap and water formulas to seal the fibers. This process is essential to the quality of the scent. It seals the fibers and helps to prevent them from splitting while storing in the store. Careful attention to this step is paramount to getting a good quality candle from teakwood.

Some people prefer the look of the natural wood, while others want the consistency of the teak. There are also products available to make soy, gel, and other candle out of black teakwood. Gel candles are generally not made from teakwood because of the tendency for the wood to swell when heated. Soy and gel candles are made out of paraffin, which does not swell like teak does. Soy and gel candles are also more affordable than black teakwood candles.

There are some drawbacks to making teak wood furniture or teak barstools. Most major retailers do not accept teakwood because it is not a durable wood. The lumber has a tendency to split and cause the base to expand if it is over-lit. The wood can warp if treated roughly or not finished at all. Even treated pieces will tend to shrink over time.

The advantages of teak are clear. They are beautiful, with rich golden tones that will enhance any space. However, there are some issues. They cost more than other types of wood, they require special treatment for appearance, and they do need a little TLC caring for. But, if you care for them correctly, teakwood furniture and teak barstools can last a lifetime.

So now that you learned about the art of how to make great teakwood for furniture and outdoor furniture, plus you learned that at Lovespoon Candles we do everything in our power to match this beautiful teakwood smell and fragrance we hope you will stop on over at our site and peruse the wonderful offerings we have of this delightful fragrance. Caribbean teakwood is certainly a hit this time of year as long as we continue making this fragrance as close to the real thing! Yes, we realize this article was long, but hopefully you learned about the labor intensive time it takes to curate teakwood and teak furniture, we hope you also learned that the process in making high quality wood fragrance candles is also a long time consuming process. At the end of the day, if it is teakwood furniture, or teakwood, or in our case a Caribbean Teakwood Scented Soy Candle, the hope is you see the quality and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into this process. Hurry over to Lovespoon Candles today!