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June 11, 2021 3 min read

For people who want to take extra care of themselves after a long day of work, scented candles might be nice. These good-smelling candles are great at making any space smell better and while giving off that relaxing vibe to improve your mood. 

If you own scented candles at home, here are some care tips to implement if you want them to last longer. 

Tip 1: Spread the Wax

When you light a candle, it may create a tunnel. This could easily waste your candle since only the middle part gets used. To prevent this, consider letting the wax spread and reach the edges of your container upon your first time lighting it. That would help spread out the wax and ensure you get to use it for a longer time. 

Tip 2: Do a Little Wick Trimming

Another common problem that scented candle owners encounter is burnt carbon falling into their candle’s surface or the worsening wick as time goes by popularly called the mushroom wick. There is one small trick you can use to address this issue. Trimming the wick regularly could prevent it from mushrooming or getting crumpled and small. 

Tip 3: Always Choose the Right Size of Candle for Your Room

The number one reason for using a scented candle is to let a fresh smell of your choice permeate through the room. However, to fully achieve this, your candle needs to be large enough to fill up the room. The larger the room, the bigger or the more candles you should have. This tip is also the best way to prolong the smell of your candle since you would have enough fragrance for the entire room.

Tip 4: Always Keep the Lid On Your Candle

The fragrance found in scented candles can evaporate in the air, so if you want them to last longer than they should, you must keep the lid on your candle all the time. Doing this would also help keep your candles free from dust, dirt, and other debris. It can keep the candle clean. 

Tip 5: Place Them Away From the Sun 

The sun can damage your scented candles in many ways. First, it could break down the wax structure due to heat and UV rays. Second, it can cause discoloration in your wax, especially if you use natural wax. While this would not affect the performance of your candle, it could change its appearance. 

In other words, while candles do not expire, the UV rays from the sun can speed up their degradation. A degraded candle can still burn but it would lose its scent and color which can be sad if you want to display them around the house. 


Not all scented candle lovers know that there are certain ways to prolong the lives of their beloved candles. These little tips could extend the performance and scent of your candles, making them more productive and worthwhile. 

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