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May 28, 2021 3 min read

In a time where many find it challenging to step back, unwind, and have some me-time, creating a ritual can motivate you to be more gentle and easy with yourself. Now more than ever, self-love should be your top priority, and it could be as simple as burning a candle. 

Although it may seem straightforward, the art of burning a candle can actually connect you to something more profound. This is because a candle holds a very powerful element — fire — and it represents creation and your inner light. With the help of a candle, you can connect with your higher being and boost your spiritual awareness. 

With that being said, many people take time to create a candle ritual that can help fill their creative passion and self-confidence. Depending on your personality and spiritual journey, you can simply light a monogrammed candle with your initials or have a set of scented candles that will blend beautifully in your space.

If you're keen on creating your own candle ritual, read on. Here are some ways to start your own candle ritual, but remember — this is merely a guide, and you should create a ritual that will best suit you and your beliefs. So light that candle, and let's get to it!

Basic Candle Ritual Materials

Here's a list of materials you may need for your ritual. As mentioned earlier, ensure that you're using tools and materials that will fit your lifestyle and beliefs, so you feel comfortable during your ritual.

  • Candles
  • Lighter or matches
  • A fire-safe space or container
  • Pieces of paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Sage (optional)
  • Background music (optional)

Basic Steps of a Candle Ritual

Step #1: Cleanse Your Energy and Space

Before starting a ritual, you want to ensure that you're starting off with a clean space, which means your physical space and energy. You can start by smudging the area by burning sage.

After smudging your space, you can begin to light your candle and settle into a comfortable position. Next, you'll want to focus on your breathing and the flame of your candle. As you breathe in, allow the light to fill the space around you and within you, and as you exhale, close your eyes and visualize a protective light surrounding you. 

Step #2: Set Your Intentions

Now that you have a steady and grounding breathing pattern, you can now focus on your thoughts to the purpose of your ritual. During this time, identify the energies you want to release or take in. After that, open your eyes and begin your ceremony. 

Step #3: Begin Your Ritual

As mentioned earlier, your candle ritual can be simple. So after lighting your monogram candle and breathing grounding breaths, you can now take out your pieces of paper and write one thing you'd like to receive or call in and release. 

This could be as simple as manifesting a new job or writing down things you are grateful for. And as for things you want to let go of, it could be negative energies, such as self-sabotage and self-judgment. 

Step #4: Close Your Ritual

Now that you feel grounded and in a clearer headspace, you can close your candle ritual by taking cleansing breaths and reflecting on your process. 

Don't forget to thank yourself for being gentle as well as your spiritual guides in being with you during the ceremony. After that, you can finally blow out your candle and record your experience by journaling. 

The Bottom Line: Lighting Candles Help You Connect With Your Inner Self and Can Guide You Through Self-Discovery

Having a customized candle ritual can help you progress in your journey for self-discovery. Taking a step back, seeing where you are, identifying what you want, and knowing what to let go of is the ultimate form of self-love.

So grab that monogram candle, cleanse your space, and start your spiritual journey with your very own candle ritual. 

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