Your Bag is Empty

May 20, 2021 3 min read

The world is slowly but surely in recovery after the chaos of the past couple of years. While more facilities may have opened up, many of us have finally realized the wonders of bringing our favorite activities to the comfort of our homes. If you are looking to have a relaxing spa getaway but don’t want to travel, why not recreate the experience right at home?

A spa experience isn’t nearly as much about the place as it is the way you manipulate your surroundings. Even a completely unimpressive guest room can be turned into a relaxing paradise with a few key swaps. 

Recreating the Full Spa Experience While Staying at Home

With all the stress that the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused, who would not want to take a well-deserved break? Many people are still working from home even if the lockdown restrictions have eased up. This is why taking time to relax and get rid of stress is essential; and fortunately, you don’t even have to go beyond your front door to get the full experience.

Pamper yourself or your loved one with our tips for an at-home spa experience!

1 - Feed Your Senses

Going to the spa is like taking a trip for your senses. The first step to recreating a spa-like experience at home is to find a room in your house or apartment that has minimal outside stimuli. Deck it out with things that bring you comfort, such as a comfy chair, soft pillows, a few plants, and a set of speakers to complete the sensory experience. 

2 - Decide What Relaxes You

Remember that building your own spa experience is not textbook science. Consider what things you like and add them to your home spa room. If you like the look of fresh flowers, add some to brighten up the room. If you like bath bombs, stock up on them for when you will relax in the tub. Find things you like and incorporate a little bit of “you” into your home spa.

3 - Clear Your Mind

Find ways that help you clear your mind and put yourself in a zone of relaxation. Keep in mind again that everyone reacts differently to these stimuli, you do not have to justify your choices to others. If you want to put the stack of unread books you splurge on in your spa room, go ahead and do it. You do you.

4 - Wear a Robe!

One thing that many people look forward to when they visit a real spa would be to don that soft luxurious robe you get when you book a spa day. If you are one of those people, you may want to invest in a high-quality robe that you can wear every time you want to relax.

5 - Use Essential Oils and Scented Candles

Spas always smell great! This is because they use a ton of essential oils, diffusers, and scented candles. Try one of ourDay at the Spa Candles, which will tantalize your senses with scents of lemongrass and black currant as well as patchouli and sweet sugar cane. If “relaxation” had a smell, this would be it! Toss in some other essential oils, some soft lighting, and your at-home spa experience will be unmatched.


Everyone has different sources of stress and will recharge themselves in different ways. However, one wonderful way to unwind for just about everyone is a stress-free spa day. Following the tips above will help you recreate the ambiance that you will find waiting for you when you enter a spa. 

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