Your Bag is Empty

September 24, 2021 3 min read

 Scented candles offer a light at the end of one stressful tunnel, making it a self-care necessity that can brighten one’s mood after a hectic day. Lighting up scented candles made it possible to sit back, relax, and transport the mind into a paradise within reach—be it at a tropical oasis thanks to citrus-scented candles, a hike in the middle of an evergreen forest with pine-scented candles, and more. 

But after making the most of your scented candles and enjoying their soothing effects, don’t throw the empty, wax-stained containers just yet! The scented candles served you well, and out of respect for the environment, it’s important to explore sustainable ways to repurpose old items such as your old scented candle containers. 

Not to mention, most scented candle jars look aesthetically pleasing, so it would be a waste to throw the pretty little things into your trash bin. If you want to breathe more life into your scented candle jars, here are some ways to clean and reuse them! 

How to Clean Old Scented Candle Jars: Remove Old Wax Using the Freezer Method

A simple way to easily clean old candle jars is by leaving the container to freeze for a few hours. This is because candle wax becomes brittle when it gets cold, which means you can scrape them off cleanly using a knife. 

As for the lingering oils staining the jar, you can make them look and feel good as new by pouring warm water inside. Next, you simply have to wipe off the oils and leftover debris using a paper towel. 

What Can You Do with Old Candle Jars? 

  1. Use it as a Flower Vase

Candle jars come in all shapes and sizes, so after cleaning off the wax inside, you can prop them on your dining table and use it as a chic vase for your fresh flowers. Most candle containers have cute designs, so adding flowers is another way to give it a new purpose while keeping it stylish!

  1. Use it as a Planter for Your Small Plants

Old candle containers can perfectly house your indoor plants, so you don’t need to buy new pots for your spring bulbs or succulents. You only need to clean your old jars and use them as an adorable potholder!

  1. Use it as a Vanity Accessory 

The cute designs of candle jars make it a perfect addition for your beauty vanity, whether as a holder for your brushes, Q-tips, bobby pins, or cotton pads.

The Bottom Line: The Beauty of Recycling Old Scented Candle Jars 

Scented candles have become a staple in one’s self-care routine, so it’s no surprise that most would have a massive collection of them waiting to be lit up. But once the relaxing smells are used up, and nothing but an empty, eye-catching container is left, you can still find creative ways to maximize your candle jars to make the most of your buy and do Mother Nature a favor. 

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