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February 21, 2021 5 min read

Lovespoon Candles, A Candle Company, Candles Shop, & Candle Brand...

There are many websites that have information about Candles as their product, but not all of them have the quality and variety you will find at Lovespoon Candles Website a new Candle Company to really start picking up some steam in this soon to be over $3 Billion Dollar marketplace. Come 2025, the Candle Industry is forecasted to do over $3 Billion in sales, and Lovespoon Candles is a Candle Brand that is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. Lovespoon Candles is considered a Premium Soy Candle brand and is a candle company that really prides itself on quality and great customer service. As a matter of fact, Jenny the founder and owner of Lovespoon Candles, learned her customer service background from the best company in the service industry, the Walt Disney Company. Jenny worked for the Twinings at Epcot and this is where the idea of a Candles Shop started to fester. She finally founded Lovespoon Candles in the summer of 2013. Each year the business continues to grow beyond her expectations.

When it comes to Candles websites not only do you want a website that has an impressive amount of information, but one that you can use in an easy way. The Lovespoon Candles website was just completely revamped in 2021 to allow for easier navigation and they also just released a Fragrance Finder Quiz to be used as a guide for customers to find the best fragrance and best candle for themselves or a loved one. The product Lovespoon Candles sells are of course Premium Soy Candles, but the product that Lovespoon Candles sells is also tremendous customer service. As you all know, there is nothing worse than getting information that you can't use, therefore, that is why the website went through a refurbishment in 2021 to make the information much more user friendly. And in Lovespoon Candles, case, they want to make sure you can easily find the type of candles you are looking for.

Some companies even offer discounts on their candles. These are all things you need to be able to choose the right website for your needs. As matter of fact, at Lovespoon Candles, if you sign up for their newsletter you will get 10% off, and be eligible for free shipping on orders over $75. Yes, we did say Free & Ship in the same sentence!

If you want to see and touch the products before you buy, then it is best to visit a website that makes and distributes candles. You can learn about the manufacturing process and look at many different types of candles from a company with a good reputation. This will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and you can be sure you are paying the right price.

The quality of a candles can vary greatly, depending on the maker, the amount of work involved in making the candles, and what is used to create them. When you are looking for a website about Candles, look for one that offers information on creating your own candles. This will give you ideas on what kinds of candles you like and will give you the chance to create your own. If you don't feel comfortable creating your own, there are many resources for quality products you can purchase. Quality candles from the website you choose will reflect how well you care for them and how much they are worth. Lovespoon Candles only specializes in Candles, not room sprays or reed diffusers. Jenny prides herself on having a laser focus on one thing at time, and that one thing is candles for now. Perhaps down the road room sprays or reed diffusers will be added, but for now you can trust the candles you get from Lovespoon Candles are of the utmost in quality. Additionally, Lovespoon Candles just released their Candle Club which is monthly candle subscription box where you receive 3 candles monthly delivered to your door with free shipping. Lovespoon Candles is doing everything they can to compete with the Amazon's of the world and one way to do this is with the free shipping option, or as we at Lovespoon Candles like to say it, "Scent with Free Shipping."

You can also use the internet to find other information about Candles as well. Look for testimonials or reviews that have been placed on the website by previous clients. You want to learn about the process, the products, and how satisfied their customers are. Word of mouth is a valuable resource, so this is an excellent place to get this valuable information. A good website about Candles will offer information that will help you make a wise purchasing decision.

You can also read the history of Candles and their manufacturing process on a website. Learn about the different materials used to make them, the different techniques for producing them, and the long history that have encompassed these products. There are many benefits to learning about how Candles are made and where they come from. This is information that can make you more aware of your own candles and how they make you feel. Whether you are a candle lover or just looking for information on the latest trends, a website about Candles will likely contain the facts and resources you need.

Many websites also offer discounts, free shipping, and other perks for those who order from their website. You may find free candle samples on many sites as well. Free shipping is often one of the best perks when it comes to purchasing Candles online. The great thing about the internet is that you can easily compare prices so you know you are getting a good deal. There are many places you can look for free shipping on your Candles and you may want to take advantage of any discounts that you can find.

If you are a candle lover, then a website about Candles will undoubtedly prove useful to you. It is easy to find a website that offers information about Candles and how to make them. You can even find websites that offer candle making courses. A website about Candles is a great way to not only learn more about Candles, but it is also a great place to buy your candles online. Take full advantage of all the features available on a Candles website and you can't go wrong. We invite you to "Indulge Your Senses" with us at Lovespoon Candles. Thanks for reading our article and we hope to see you soon at our site, home of the Premium Soy Candle.