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June 25, 2021 3 min read

You’re finally done with work; you had a great dinner, now you’re ready to sit back and relax. Set the vibe with scents that will have a calming effect on you, and you’re ready to let go of the day’s stressors and just be in the moment. 

But, before you get into relaxation mode, you need to have the right fragrance first; otherwise, you won’t get the full effect that you want. With that, you need to find the right note to get the right fragrance to take you to that happy and calm place. 


The top note, also referred to as head notes, are what you will smell immediately. The ingredients on this note contain molecules that evaporate quickly, such as citrus and aromatics. 


When the top note evaporates, you get a whiff of the middle note or heart notes that are more mellow but can last longer than top notes. It contains floral, green, fruity, or spices. 


The bottom or base note is the one that brings depth to a fragrance. It contains rich and strong scents that evaporate slowly, which is why the base note lasts longer. It has woody or balsamic ingredients.

Now that you know the top three notes a fragrance contains, what are the most common notes that you will encounter out there? 

The Most Common Notes


The first one is fresh, which can be aromatic, citrusy, water, green, or fruity. Fresh fragrance notes contain ingredients such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, orange, grass, bamboo, and cucumber. It all depends on the type of scent you’re after. For example, if you want something a bit on the nature side, then you should go for green. You will get hints of bamboo, green tea, cilantro, and other herbs, depending on your taste. 


There’s also floral, which is more focused on floral scents—from soft to oriental. You can also get fruity floral scents with hints of pineapple, raspberry, melon, and peach. Meanwhile, if you want a “standard” floral, it will usually contain rose, jasmine, cotton, lilac, and lotus ingredients. For a softer touch, go for soft floral with powdery, iris, or linen scents. Take it up a notch with floral oriental that is bolder and spicy. 


You can also go for warm fragrance notes, such as soft oriental, oriental, woody oriental, and woody. The ingredients in these notes usually contain woody notes, soft florals with incense, and warm spices. 


For something woody, expect hints of oakmoss, leather, cedarwood, or lavender. 


Finally, there is gourmand that focuses on edible or dessert-like scents. This is the type of fragrance note that will make you want to put it in your mouth. 


Your sense of smell can have a significant impact on your mood. It can also set the vibe of a place, which is why it’s essential you choose the right scent. Fortunately, these fragrance notes are widely available in various forms, whether in perfumes, air fresheners, or candles. With that, you only need to choose the one that tickles your senses, specifically your sense of smell. 

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