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September 17, 2021 3 min read

It’s unusual for candles to take center stage in parties and social gatherings. However, for a change, wouldn’t it look good and smell good to see one lit up? Candles can become an affordable and trusty alternative to the usual flower arrangements if you find yourself hosting dinners and meetings. You’ll want to incorporate them in an effortless, complementary way with other essential decorations in the room.

Candles are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. There is a candle specifically for your party. There are even soy candles that are great for gifts and take-home treats. Of course, who wouldn’t say no to premium candles? 

They may seem rather dull, but with a keen eye and a drizzle of creativity, candles can take on the spotlight—just as any other decorative piece:

As a Centerpiece

A set of fresh flowers and other seasonal foliage are one of the most common centerpieces in every party. However, candles are also great substitutes for them! Instead of using flowers that may wilt even before dinner starts, why not gather several sticks of candles in varying sizes and place them in the center of a dinner table.

Right before the guests arrive, light up all the candles on the table and watch them walk in with awe on their faces. They are ideal for setting a vibrant mood that makes your guests enjoy the night better. If you can’t let go of the flowers, it’s totally fine, but try incorporating candles in your arrangements for an added touch of freshness.

As a Complement

People attending dinner parties shouldn’t only focus on their sense of taste. Using candles, indulge them in smelling a pleasing aroma by lighting up a few scented candles. Although it’s cheaper to use non-scented candles, adding a hint of fragrance is a much-appreciated touch for guests.

There are various candle scents to choose from, but since it’s a dinner party, you might want to pick an essence that compliments your menu for the night. For example, spicy scents should be good for savory meals, such as turkey. Use a scented candle’s ability to make meals more mouth-watering and enjoy seeing people dig in for a treat.

As Giveaways

Parties shouldn’t only end in having to go separate ways. It’s also great to send people off with something to remind them of the beautiful night. Candles are not only for decoration or compliment the food but also ideal items for giveaways.

They are affordable and easy to find for outsourcing. Some companies even personalize candles to fit every client’s need and request. If you’re having a small party, give every guest a scent that reminds you of them. It’s also more than feasible to give out the same candles on display during dinner on a grander scale, but make sure to give away the candle that hasn’t been lit up yet.


The National Candle Association points out that a candle’s ability to create a comforting and cozy atmosphere makes it sell the most. With over 10,000 candle scents available in the US alone, there is no way candles will not take over, especially since they are not only exclusive to personal use. 

As times changed, they became parts of every social gathering, such as birthdays and dinners. For a change, maybe it’s time to light up a candle during a social event to commemorate the night, and the people invited. With many scents to choose from, there is a candle meant for everyone.

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