Your Bag is Empty

August 20, 2021 3 min read

They say that the only way you can truly know how to love a person right is to begin learning how to love yourself. As simple as it sounds, many people have difficulty showering their own selves with love, kindness, patience, and compassion.

Knowing self-love is necessary before you start taking on the world. It’s grasping how to be alone, caring for yourself the best way you know how, and reminding yourself you are loved. Besides reaching out to your family, friends, or partner for love and affection, you should be aware that there’s no other person who will love you the most than yourself.

While it can be tough to get used to being on your own, all it takes is practice and a lot of self-care. Keep reading below for exciting ways to love yourself without requiring others’ validation to realize you’re worth it.

Take Yourself Out on a Date

People who have never gone out on their own may have a hard time taking themselves on a date because it requires you to sit alone with your thoughts without worrying about what others think. But it’s one of the best ways to prove to yourself you’re OK with being on your own!

You can put on an outfit you love, go out when the weather’s perfect, eat at your favorite restaurant, and truly savor every bite you take. Take time appreciating your day because when you get used to being alone, you can do more things without requiring a companion all the time.

Fill Your Place with Scents

Besides learning how to be alone and going out to places whenever you want, you should also learn to be on your own at home. The best way to savor every minute of it is by putting up soy candles around your place that come with unique scents.

You could opt for your favorite smell to remind you of the good things in life or get something completely new by subscribing to a candle membership that presents various scents. Lighting candles when you’re working, sleeping, or doing chores can also help improve your mood.

Go on a Solo Adventure

An excellent way to keep yourself preoccupied when you have the whole day for yourself is thinking about going on a day trip outdoors. You could visit a museum, go to a nearby park, spend time at the beach, or take a hike up the mountains.

For the non-adventurous people, you can simply explore the city, try out the best cafes, or meet strangers along the way. You can consider walking to get your body moving or take public transportation to get to your destination faster.

Visit a Spa and Indulge

Self-love also means spending the day off and going to a spa to treat yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. It’s destressing by getting a massage, enjoying the spa candles and their relaxing aromas, and releasing all your worries for the rest of the session.

When you’re in a spa, you don’t have to talk or think—you simply have to remain at peace and let the therapists loosen your muscles and eliminate the tension building up in your body. They will guarantee to give you a massage that will heal and refresh you.


There are endless ways to love and care for yourself without needing another person to give that to you. You can take yourself on a date, fill your place with premium scented candles, go on a solo adventure, or visit a spa and indulge. After all, you deserve a love that’s unconditional, a love that comes from you.

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