Your Bag is Empty

February 24, 2021 2 min read

Many women are constantly asking where they can find a premium soy candle with soy wax that provides the fragrance throw?

Well, this is a time tested question for sure and one we hear often from our customers.

We at Lovespoon Candles, make each and every soy wax candle by hand, yes, each soy candle at Lovespoon Candles is made by hand, with "LOVE."

Since we use only 100% American grown soy wax, this allows for a clean and long lasting burn which when combined with our essential oils and cotton eco friendly wick and secret formulas we use we have found that the throw of our fragrance has been extremely well received from our customers.

Again, this did not come easy!

Jenny was able to perfect this through many failures. You have heard it said many times before, the most successful people are the ones that failed the most! Well, trust us, we had a lot of failures in the beginning and many redesigns of our packaging.

Yet, after 7 years now, we feel we are in such a great place and I believe our raving customers feel the same way. Lovespoon Candles, is now an up and coming candle company that is putting many smiles on many people's faces!

At Lovespoon Candles a customer can now take our Fragrance Finder Quiz which is a Smart Guide so to speak. You simply answer a few straightforward questions and out at the back end of the Fragrance Finder Quiz you will receive several candle options that are absolutely perfect for you or a loved one.

You can order from our Monogram Series, our Cornerstone Collection, our Travel Tins, or our newest addition, our Candle Club! Our Cornerstone Collection is the deluxe black matted tin that come in 33 different fragrance options. Plus, our Cornerstone Collection is 8.5 ounces of pure bliss. When done burning our Cornerstone Collection Tins, you can re-use the beautiful tins and put jewelry or candy in them. They are great keepsakes.

Our Monogram Seriescan be found in 6 beautifully colored and logo stamped glass jars. Our Monogram Series Jars come in breathtaking fragrances such as: Orange & Chili Pepper, Sea Mist, Chardonnay, Vanilla Bean, Banana Nut Bread, & Day at the Spa to name a few.

And then there are our Travel Tins, which are petite beautiful options to take with you on vacation or as many have done, just keep them in their purse so they can get an occasional bouquet of divine aromas.

Then the Candle Club is our newest addition and is a Candle Subscription Box, where "Serenity is Delivered Monthly."

In each aforementioned vessel options you can choose from beach linen, christmas hearth, cinnamon stick, or sea mist to name a few. Lovespoon Candles is certainly making a name for itself in the candle industry.

Lovespoon Candles Founder, Jenny founded the company in 2013 and looks forward to continuing to grow and continuing to put a smile on a person's face one premium soy candle at a time.