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August 06, 2021 3 min read

Gone were the days when candles were just seen as a block of roughly shaped wax with a band of wick used to light up a dark room. Today, candles come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and even scents. Their purpose is also no longer just a spare light improvisation in the event of a blackout. Premium candles of today do wonders in the human body to help reduce stress and even relieve congestion!

A distinct quality of candles is their ability to be recreated. You can make a new set of candles out of the residue of the worn ones. Considering this unique property of candles, does it mean that they do not expire? The quick answer is no! Candles do not expire, though they degrade over time because the ingredients used in making them are organic. 

Read on for an elaboration on this fact and many more things you need to know about scented candles.

Scented Candles Don’t Expire but Degrade Over Time

Depending on the kind of wax used, candles can last for a very long time. In fact, beeswax can be used for hundreds of years without degrading. Egyptians used beeswax during ancient times to mummify their dead kin. So don’t be surprised if the scented candles you bought years ago are still intact and whole. Proper storage of candles is the key to make them last longer.

Scented Candles Change in Smell

Despite being somewhat immortal, the smell emitted by scented candles can change over time. The strong and wonderful original scent will eventually be replaced by something weaker or even no scent at all. 

The reason behind this is that the scent used in candles came from essential oils. As you know, essential oils are extracted from the different parts of a plant. Hence, the decomposing property of a plant is also present in essential oils used in making scented candles. In effect, the smell from the essential oil dies over time.

Scented Candles Change in Color

Discoloration is another chemical change that scented candles go through. When a scented candle changes in color, it signifies advanced age and likely lost smell, too. Scented candles are present in many colors today because they were created with the integration of natural dyes, just like how essential oils were integrated into scented oils.

This is to say, dyes used in candles also came from plant products. Being organic, dyes disintegrate from the candles as years go by, especially if scented candles were not stored properly.

Despite changing in scent and color, scented candles remain useful as their primary purpose is still there. You can still burn them by lighting up their wick no matter how much their appearance has changed.

Now here’s a closer look at the elements that shape the shelf life of a scented candle.

4 Elements That Determine Scented Candles’ Shelf Life

  1. Wax Type - Many different types of wax are used to make scented candles. There are wax types that are not as strong as the others; hence, the difference in the shelf lives of scented candles. Beeswax and soy wax burn longer than Yankee and Citronella wax.
  1. Scented Oils - Fragrance oils, manufactured in factories, last longer than essential oils.
  1. Additives - Some scented candles contain certain additives such as ultraviolet ray inhibitors and antioxidants. They give additional firm property to the candles that keep them intact for years and stand heat exposure.
  1. Light Exposure - Both sunlight and artificial light cause scented candles to change color or scent.


Today, scented candles are used either as a source of light, a decorative element, and even for freshening up the air, making them a must in every home, garden, and commercial hub. Check our blog for part 2 of everything you need to know about scented candles!

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