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September 24, 2021 3 min read

There's nothing more frustrating when candle wax finds its way to your favorite things. What's more irritating is that they're pretty stubborn to clean up — until now. 

Sometimes, candle wax spills are things you cannot prevent, and they could happen to the best of us. Although it can be incredibly saddening to find a trail of molten wax on your new furniture or favorite rug, don't feel disheartened.

Fortunately, with a bit of patience and the right equipment and techniques, you'll get to remove candle wax on virtually almost anything. So if you are scared of placing pretty candles at home because of wax-related damage, worry no more. Below are some tips that could help you clean up various candle wax messes on any surface.

Surface #1: Wood

What a visual feast it is to find a wooden table with pretty candles paired with delicate ornaments. Having a tiny corner with this look can definitely set the mood for a romantic night indoors. However, things can go down south quickly if your candles damage your wooden surfaces. 

To prevent candle wax from staining your fine wood, here are some tips you could do:

  • Get a hairdryer and point it towers the wax until it melts;
  • With a soft cloth, wipe the wax away, but avoid chipping the wax because it can damage the wooden surface underneath;
  • With 1/2 cup of white vinegar and water, wipe away the leftover wax;

Surface #2: Carpets and Rugs

You probably think that your rug is entirely ruined because of all the wax drippings. However, you'll only need a flat iron and a paper bag to remedy the issue.

  • You can start by carefully picking off larger bits of the wax on the carpet without pulling the threads of the rug;
  • Place a plain paper bag on top of the stain and iron the area in low heat; the paper bag will then absorb the wax;
  • With a carpet cleaner, remove the remnants of the stain;

Surface #3: Fabric

If your kid blew their birthday candle a bit too hard and caused the wax to fly across the table cloth, don't panic — it's quite easy to remove. 

  • Place the wax-covered fabric in the freezer to allow it to harden for 30 minutes;
  • Carefully pick the larger bits of wax from the fabric;
  • Place the plain paper on the stain and iron the fabric on low heat until the paper absorbs all the wax;
  • If you can wash your fabric, use a high-quality stain remover to remove wax stains;

Surface #4: Hair

if you have long hair and candlewax found its way to your crowning glory, here's what you could do:

Wax at the tip of your hair:

  • Place your hair tips into hot water, helping the wax melt off of your hair;
  • Wash your hair as you would normally;

Wax near the root of your hair:

  • Massage some olive oil into your hair to loosen up the wax;
  • Use warm water to wash it off;
  • Clean your hair with gentle hair products after;

The Bottom Line: Pretty Candles are a Pretty Sight Until You Get Wax All Over Your Things

When you're dealing with a wax-related mess, don't worry — the tips we mentioned above can definitely help you get rid of your candle wax woes. So if you're unsure about having pretty candles at home because of these candle wax accidents, you can rest well knowing that there are different effective and safe ways to clean the waxy mess up!

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