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October 07, 2021 3 min read

Having a candle business is a fun way to profit from your favorite hobby. Find the perfect packaging that will not only entice customers but also make their candles durable enough to withstand the test of time. 

Using candle tins as packaging is becoming a rising trend among candle makers. Container candles are becoming more and more popular among candle buyers. If you’re thinking about using candle tins yourself, here are several reasons why you should hop on to this packaging trend. 

More Durable Than Glass Containers

Candles have been placed on glass containers for too long. While they have their merits, showcasing the colorful candle wax, this container isn’t as durable. Its thick glass could prove harmful if you ever drop it. 

With fragile casing, you are at risk for broken glass shards. In contrast, candle tins are made of sturdy metal material that can absorb any fall damage without too much damage to your candle. The most damage it can do is by denting your candle, but the likelihood will depend upon how high you’ve placed it.

Affordable Bulk Option

Candle tins are a great, affordable option for restocking. Not only are they commonly used in the candle trade, but they are also used for packaging in various other products. Thus, the demand for tins is great, bringing down its economical value.

If you’re planning on investing more in your candle business, buying candle tins will be your safest bet. 

Alternatively, if you ever consider selling other items such as snacks, you can use any extra tins for repackaging. These are especially perfect for cookies or candies. Not to mention, they have high reusability for your environmentally conscious customers.

Lightweight Packaging for Your Customers

Glass containers are not only more fragile but also much heavier than candle tins. Thus the risk of dropping glass candle containers is great because of both breakage and damage to your flooring. 

Lighter glass containers have to come in much thinner, more delicate glass. This will only spell out trouble for your customers. Lightweight, durable, and affordablewhat more can you ask for in your packaging?

Trendy and Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from its practical uses, candle tins are just generally neater to look at. They have a great minimalist design that you are easy to personalize. With simple ribbons, stickers, and more, you can create DIY candle tins that best represent your brand.

You can get all of this at a highly affordable rate, and you will rest assured that your customers will have no trouble with it.

Other Candle Trends to Look At 

Aside from candle tins, there are other trendy forms of packaging that candle makers are using. Amber glass is great for vintage candle lovers and sets an intimate tone when lit. 

Another unique packaging trend is the use of canvas bags for your candle sets. It is reusable and affordable, and a great way to personalize each bought candle.


Give your candles an extra special touch with candle tins. Easy to personalize, affordable, and long-lasting, your customers are sure to thank you for these small business decisions. 

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