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May 20, 2021 3 min read

People have recently been going crazy over scented soy candles and the various aromas you can choose from to make your space smell nice and feel relaxing. Most buyers acquire premium candles to decorate their homes and offices to improve the ambiance of the environment and receive essential benefits like one would have from aromatherapy. In fact, anyone interested in scented candles can make them; all they need are the right equipment to pursue their candle-making dreams!

What to Know About Scented Candles

Whether you purchase candles as gifts or decide to make them yourself, it’s important to understand that there are countless scents to choose from and try to create. However, for long-lasting results, you may want to opt for wax candles made using beeswax or soy.

Meanwhile, your candles’ wicks should not have metal in them if you want to uphold eco-friendly choices and not add up to the toxic chemicals polluting the air. You can use the candles as decoration to your space, acquire aromatherapy to eliminate the negative emotions you’re feeling, or turn them into repurposed pots for your plants.

Repurposing Candle Jars

If you love collecting scented candles, then you probably have experienced using them up to the point that there’s nothing left but bits of wax and wick. When that happens, instead of throwing the jars away, you could get creative and think about finding a new purpose for them, such as making DIY planters out of your old candle jars. 

Keep reading below to find out more information about scented candles and how to repurpose them well.

What to Do to Repurpose a Candle Jar

The Materials You Will Need Are:

  •      Used soy candle jar
  •      Succulent or any kind of plant
  •      Bowl
  •      Spoon
  •      Soil for repotting
  •      Gardening tools
  •      Paring knife
  •      Pliers
  •      Tools to remove candle wax

Steps to Remove the Soy Wax Candle from the Jar

  1.    Take your almost empty candle jar and place it in the freezer. Leave it for at least two hours to chill to give you an easier time removing the remnants of wax in the jar later on.
  2.    When your candle jar is ready, take out the jar from the freezer, grab your paring knife, and begin slicing the wax until they start to break apart into pieces.
  3.    Once you’re done taking out most of the candle wax, if there are still bits and pieces left inside the jar, you can grab dishwashing equipment to clean it all out.

How to Turn Your Candle Jar into a Planter

Now that you’ve gotten the candle wax out of the way and your jar is empty and free from any residues, you should prepare the necessary soil for repotting. Pour the earth into a good-sized bowl and use a spoon to carefully transfer the dirt from the bowl to the empty candle jar.

After the jar is ready, get your succulent or whatever plant you decide to repot, squeeze their roots gently to distribute them well, and place your plant inside the jar. Adjust it accordingly to make room until you see that it fits into the new pot perfectly.


Now that you know how to repurpose your old candle jars by simply turning them into homemade planters, your succulents and other house plants have just acquired a unique way to keep living. If you love collecting scented candles and using them up to the point that there’s barely any wax left, you shouldn’t be quick to throw them out. Old candle jars can still hold purpose by turning them into new planters.

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