Your Bag is Empty

August 13, 2021 3 min read

So, you’re selling your house, and some friends told you to make sure that your home smells like freshly baked cookies and coffee. Sounds a little cliché? Yes, it might be, but there’s a reason thousands of home sellers and realtors swear by using scents to sell homes.e

Now the question is, which scents work wonders for this purpose? It’s important to know the answer to this before you order the best luxury candle for your home showing or open house.  Before sharing what those scents are, though, there’s one thing that you need to do first:

Get Your Home Deep Cleaned

Before worrying about which scents you should consider adding to your home, you should first ensure that your home is cleaned thoroughly. You won’t get away with simply masking any odor with room sprays or candles. Of course, your home shouldn’t smell of bleach when you’re done, and that’s why you’re going to make use of enticing scents later on, but a deep clean, preferably one performed by a professional cleaning company, will get your home in the best possible state.

This is even more important if you have pets at home or if people smoke in the house. Furniture and décor that hold bad odor like the couches, rugs, curtains, and your pet beddings and litter boxes should be taken out or replaced with fresh ones.

Remember that only a clean house can smell good, and the buyers know that. So before choosing the best scent for your home, make sure it’s clean and disinfected first.

Scents That Sell

Once your home is squeaky clean, you can start searching for the right scent for your home. Don’t just go with coffee and cookie or bread scents, though. While these are commonly used, they might not actually be the right choice as they can distract potential buyers from what they should be doing – looking around the property.

Also, you shouldn’t go for scents that are too strong that they could take away attention from the house. Be more subtle with your approach. Stick to scents that will come across as clean and fresh.


Citrus has always been associated with happiness and positive vibes. Because they can lift one’s mood, it can be a good choice for the house that you’re trying to sell. This is especially suitable during the summer.


If citrus is for summer, cinnamon is definitely for the colder seasons. Cinnamon evokes not only fun memories of winter nights spent with the family but also has therapeutic benefits too. Cinnamon can help improve circulation and relax muscles when it’s used for aromatherapy. Don‘t overdo it, though, because it can be overwhelming for some.


Vanilla smells fantastic in any home. It can also relieve stress and provide a calming environment for homebuyers who are looking for a warm and relaxing ambiance in a home. The scent is also said to be effective in helping relieve stress and anxiety.


The important thing to remember when utilizing scents for the selling of your property is that you should choose one that is liked by most people. You should also use smells sparingly. Instead of depending on room sprays that could be overwhelming, stick to scents coming from the best candles for a home that can give off soft and relaxing scents.

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