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July 02, 2021 3 min read

It’s been a thousand years since candles were introduced, yet very little is known about their origin. But one thing’s for sure, they are very relaxing! In fact, it is scientifically proven that they are soothing, thanks to their flame. And now, with the countless scents infused in them, they’re even more relaxing. In this post, we will dive deeper into the science of it all. 

The Flame That Burns

As mentioned, it is the candle’s flame that provides a soothing vibe. It can reduce stress and increase mindfulness. It’s all because of the flame that carries calmness that sets a warm and cozy atmosphere. It triggers our sense of sight, which then sends a message to the brain. 

In turn, the body starts to relax. The other benefits of candles include giving people more energy, inducing better sleep, helping enhance immunity, and soothing aches and pains. 

Here Come the Scents

Today, most candles are infused with various scents—from floral and woody to citrus and gourmand. The scents reach out to another sense, which is our smell. It is known that everybody has trigger scents; therefore, certain scents can make you feel good, while others can help you relive happy times. On the other hand, there are scents that can bring out unpleasant memories. 

There are many benefits that come with scented candles. For one, it plays a significant role in the physiological effects of mood, stress, and overall mental health. The soothing effect that candles bring is now based on how the brain processes smells. 

The smell of scented candles can stimulate the limbic system, which is an area in the brain responsible for our memory and emotions. In turn, hormones like dopamine and serotonin can help regulate the mood, which is why the emotional state is highly influenced by the relationship between scents, emotions, and memories. 

To put it simply, you may be drawn to specific scents due to the memories associated with that smell. There are also some scents that trigger the same hormones repeatedly in some people. Some of these scents include lavender and peppermint. 

That is why it’s essential you choose the right scented candle for you. Choose a scented candle that can complement your mood, as this can make a lot of difference. 

Scented Candles for a Better Mood

Knowing that there are cold, hard science-based facts about the soothing effects of candles, you’ll be more convinced to invest in a variety of scented candles that are available today. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands that offer scented candles, which is why you won’t have a problem finding one. If you have a preferred scent or you’re looking for a scent that can trigger happy hormones, there’s certainly a scent for you.


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