Your Bag is Empty

February 20, 2021 3 min read

When it comes to finding the perfect present for the special woman on your list, you could give your standard, boring one time gift. Or, you could sign her up for a subscription box, a monthly box of some goodies! Because with options for just about every interest—wine subscription box, makeup subscription box, plants subscription box, candles subscription box, tea subscription box and much more—subscription boxes really can be the gifts that keep on giving, for just about everyone, especially her!

Of course, one of the best parts about a subscription box is that your giftee (or you) gets to try new things. And most subscription boxes send something new each time in the monthly box. Maybe they’ll form a newfound obsession with clean fragrances, beauty products, or discover a cool candle they love. Whatever the deal, getting a curated subscription box delivered to their doorstep potentially opens up a whole world of possibilities. 

With that in mind, these are some the best subscription boxes or subscription service for women worth giving right now. These are some of the subscription boxes or subscription service to choose from: beauty subscription, beauty box, styling box, wine club or wine subscription, book club, skin care, coffee subscription or a candle subscription. The styling boxes are picking up some nice steam with women but there is a styling fee involved. More times than not she will like most clothes, but sometimes she may not. Sometimes it is best to get her a gift card and have her shop and try on the clothes herself and avoid the styling fee? Coffee subscription is nice for a subscription service as they get to try different types of coffees, and who doesn't need coffee!?! She will also love a beauty box or a beauty subscription, these make for perfect monthly boxes as well, every woman is always trying to improve her appearance through beauty tips and tricks. Perhaps this is the subscription service for her? If the beauty box isn't for her, perhaps a wine club would be perfect? Just like coffee subscription boxes, who doesn't need a glass of good wine at the end of a stressful day? If the beauty subscription box or the wine club subscription boxes are not ideal for her, or if she already has these then perhaps you can try our candle of the month club at Lovespoon Candles. Our candle of the month club provides her with 3 high quality full-size products with free shipping! You can do a month to month subscription, or a longer subscription which is for 3 months, or another longer subscription for 6 months, or an even longer subscription which is for 12 months or an entire year! Our scented soy candles come in 33 different fragrances in 99 vessel options and for our Candle of the Month Club, we do not give sample sizes, each of the 3 monthly candles sent are full-size products in our monthly subscription box. Our subscription box also provides some proceeds to Feeding Children Everywhere. The Lovespoon Candle Subscription Box will please and delight her, and will also help others in need. Our subscription box also provides you with significant discounts over our regularly priced candles. Hurry on over to Lovespoon Candles and get her the candle subscription box by Lovespoon Candles.