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February 20, 2021 2 min read

Sometimes finding a fragrance scent, or a signature scent for yourself can be just as challenging as gifting one. Luckily, with our Lovespoon Candles Fragrance Finder Quiz, your perfect candle is only a few simple quiz questions away. After taking the quiz, it is then time to shop! Here’s some pro tips to keep in mind while you quiz and then shop for your most perfect gift to find.

Fragrance Family: When choosing a fragrance family in our quiz, you’ll decide between six different scent groups: bakery, citrus, floral, fresh, spice, woods. Keep in mind that you’re not limited to one family – sometimes different scents can suit different occasions.

Once you buy yourself a candle, shop for someone else! Our scented soy candles make amazing gifts especially for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays,Anniversaries, or House Warming Gifts. If you have more fragrance questions after the quiz check out Lovespoon's Community or visit us online and chat with one of our advisors.

Find The Perfect Fragrance from Lovespoon Candles: Take Quiz

In closing, welcome to the Fragrance Finder Quiz at Lovespoon Candles! We provide you with a few simple quiz questions to act as your guide so your perfect scent is an easy find. So think of our Fragrance Finder Quiz as a gift to you so you can shop for your most perfect candle for yourself or another loved one! The quiz is where you can find our top scents and browse all of our fragrance categories. Why is this so amazing? It makes it way easier to shop our goodies and discover new ones to shop for. All you have to do is answer the quiz questions and you’ll be instantly transported to a world of fragrance.  We have 33 fragrances to shop in 99 candle variations! Plus, we also have a candle subscription, our candle of the month club. Or you can shop our travel tin collection!

Take a stroll through the streets of a french bakery. Chill with a fresh scent. Explore the mystery of a woodsy fragrance. Relax with something floral and green. Spend time with a lovely fruity note. Basically, if there’s a type of fragrance you like, you can find ways to shop it right here at Lovespoon Candles. Plus, after you shop you will see that we even have free shipping! After taking the quiz and purchasing our candles, some liken them to beauty products! They never want to throw out our decorative tins or glass jars.

Need help choosing a fragrance family that’s so you? Our Fragrance Quiz has everything you need to know about our olfactory spaces, from fresh and citrusy to woodsy and spicy making it easier for your to shop. Happy fragrance quiz hunting!