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August 30, 2016 2 min read

Although we make all of our candles by hand with love and care, you will still find a plethora of options when shopping the LoveSpoon Candles site. We understand that it can be a little overwhelming—do you want something that smells sweet or savory, fruity or herb-filled, musky or fruity? We’ve developed our Cornerstone Collection to help you decide on which candle scent is best for you, based on your mood and what you’re looking for. 

Serenity Sensations

Clear your mind and de-stress with calming fragrances that will help you unwind. Feel pampered and tended to simply by lighting the wick. The wooden wick will crackle, giving you the sense that you’re sitting around a fireplace with logs burning brightly, carrying you far away and enhancing your relaxation.

Sample Fragrances: Rain Water, Day at the Spa, and Lavender

Perfect for: Reading your favorite book at the end of a long day, preparing a romantic meal with your partner, or taking an indulgent bubble bath.

Exotic Essentials

Transport yourself to a distant land with intriguing scents that will entice and excite. Allowing you to travel far away, these candles give you the wonders of Egypt or the beauty of the Caribbean without you ever leaving home. If you’re in desperate need of a quick escape, let Exotic Essentials be your passport.

Sample Fragrances:Cherry Blossom, Caribbean Teakwood, and Egyptian Amber

Perfect for: Watching a thrilling movie, planning your next beach vacation, or hosting a dinner potluck with close friends.

Decadent Desires

If you simply can’t resist something sweet, then don’t. “Everything in moderation,” they say, but this is your chance to indulge in what you love. Now your favorite food can also be your favorite candle!

Sample Fragrances:Lemon Verbena, French Toast, and Pomegranate 

Perfect for: Watching the latest episode of MasterChef, flipping through your recipe book as you decide on dinner, or applying makeup before a night on the town.

Festive Fragrances

It is known that smell is the most powerful sense when recalling memories. Why not revel in the nostalgia of holidays past with scents that remind you of close family and friends? Light your most beloved scent and let it warm your heart.

Sample Fragrances:Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Stick, and Gingerbread

Perfect for: Enjoying holiday traditions (like decorating the tree), hosting a holiday party with your nearest and dearest, or reminiscing of holidays past.