Your Bag is Empty

August 13, 2021 3 min read

Experiencing stress and tension when under pressure is normal. However, it can eventually lead to exhaustion and burnout over time if you fail to give yourself your much-needed rest. To temporarily detach yourself from problems and give yourself relief from worries and responsibilities, treat yourself to a spa day. 

A spa treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you don’t have to go to a fancy facility to enjoy complete healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. You can still reap the benefits of a costly spa procedure even in the comfort of your own home. Here are some ideas to treat yourself to a relaxing and affordable at-home spa experience:

Freshen up the Bathroom

A cozy and tidy bathroom is key to unwinding to the fullest. Set the mood by clearing out the clutter, dimming the lights, and playing some soothing music. Don’t forget to grab your softest towels and robe. 

Since your spa day is supposedly your “me time,” make sure there are no distractions of any kind. This means you should avoid using your phone or at least mute your notifications. You can also prepare some refreshments while enjoying a relaxing bath.

Another way to create a spa-like experience at home is to light some spa-scented candles. Unlike regular candles, these aromatherapy candles contain essential oils derived from plants that evoke feelings of relaxation. 

Take a Warm Bath

Hot water relieves muscle tension, moisturizes the skin, and improves blood circulation. For these reasons, taking a warm bath is ideal for relaxing the body. It is best done after a long, hard day and before going to bed since it prepares you for falling asleep. 

Besides raising the temperature, choose soaps infused with calming scents like lavender to better enjoy the benefits that bring calmness and stress relief. To take your spa-like bath experience to the next level, use a hair mask, bath salts, bath oils, or essential oils.

Do Your Skincare Routine

Another self-care technique you can try is to take better care of your skin. If you already follow a skincare routine, consider adding more products, depending on your needs. For instance, if your skin is breaking out, use an exfoliating mask with charcoal for deep cleansing. On the other hand, a plant-based hydrating mask is ideal if your face lacks radiance since it contains ingredients that restore your glow. 

Besides skincare products, apply a disposable eye mask, especially if your eyes are puffy or fatigued. Choose a mask with cucumber, licorice root, or caffeine to brighten your dark circles. 

Give Your Hands Some Loving Care

Hands are one of the most used body parts, but they are often overlooked when it comes to self-care. Take the time to file and shape your fingernails. During the evening, massage your hands and cuticles with a hand cream containing shea butter. This will seal in moisture and keep your skin soft.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Before hitting the sack, do some sleep meditation and perform deep breathing, mindfulness, and body scan techniques to ease your mind and body. Make your space even more relaxing by lighting the most fragrant candles you can find.


No need to shell out a huge amount of money for expensive conditioning treatments or salon facials to enjoy ultimate relaxation. Simply following these easy and cheap DIY tips can do wonders for your well-being. To begin practicing self-care, start buying the best-selling candles from a trusted online candle store.

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