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May 20, 2021 3 min read

If you want your home filled with positivity, you might want to consider the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. This practice uses scientific calculations to balance the energy inside the house so that it only invites positive chi in. As a result, your home might feel balanced and filled with good vibes. 

Feng shui works by ensuring that your living space has a harmonized energy flow. It categorizes your home and everything in it into five elements and involves rearranging pieces of furniture or using decorative pieces to find the perfect balance among them. 

Candles and Feng Shui

Candles at homes are a representation of the fire element. In feng shui, fire is considered purifying energy, which every household needs. Candles are also just the right size and can be moved from one room to another, unlike fireplaces that could bring the opposite effect. 

Candles can be powerful feng shui elements if you know how to find their right placement. Fortunately, this article compiled all the feng shui guidelines you need to know about using your candles in improving your home vibes. 

Where to Place Them

The fire element has energy similar to the bright sun and is related to achievements, romance, and passion. Place them in rooms with weak energies that make you feel cold, lonely, and dull. Lighting candles in these areas can help activate the space's energy and uplift it. 

You can start with your bedroom, but learning about your home's unique Bagua can help you locate the proper places to keep your candles. Remember that feng shui works by bringing in balance. Therefore a bathroom, filled with lots of water and metal, could benefit from the element of fire. 

The Best Areas for Candles

In terms of areas, candles are ideally placed where the element of fire thrives best. These are the south, southwest, southeast, and center of your home. When a candle is placed and lighted in these areas, it could activate the fire element. 

  • South: This area is governed by fire. It also regulates the fame, recognition, and fortune areas of one's life. 
  • Southwest: Placing a candle in this area can boost your social life. 
  • Southeast: This area could help stimulate your luck in financial wealth. 

Consider lighting your candles once every day, ideally during daylight hours. 

What Kind of Candles to Use

The quality of candles you use could also affect how your home atmosphere would turn out. Some candles are known to provide health benefits, so choose one that would be advantageous for you. 

If you want some recommendations, consider choosing candles made from natural materials, like soy and beeswax candles. These candles do not use harmful chemicals that could negatively affect the home's energy and the health of the residents. Furthermore, choose a high-quality candle to guarantee a good energy shift. You can relax more easily with their help. 


Candles are more than beautiful decorations at home. They give off that soothing effect and trigger positive feelings in our brains. They are perfect for creating a warm and soft vibe around the house and can be an excellent emergency light during power failure. More than that, they can also balance the energy in your home so that you can enjoy more positivity and lightness.

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