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September 10, 2021 3 min read

Whether working in the office or at home, having a welcoming and generally relaxing workplace space is essential. Many people, however, feel that adding décors such as paintings, plants, and even scented candles will make them appear unprofessional.

How to Use Aromatherapy Candles

Allow your therapeutic candle to burn for at least an hour. Allowing the candle to burn will allow the essential oils to heat up and properly spread throughout your environment. Simply lighting it for 20 minutes at a time will not enable it to completely heat up, and you will not benefit from its calming benefits.

Trim the wick of your therapeutic candle on a regular basis. The scent is dispersed by the liquid wax around the flame, not by its size. As a result, keeping your wick lit for an extended period of time is necessary, and keeping it lit for an extended period of time may result in soot on your ceiling and smoke.

Although there are certain restrictions, there are several advantages to introducing candles to your office. Are you still not convinced? Keep reading to learn how scented candles help boost your work!

Scents Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of health problems, but unfortunately, it is abundant in the workplace. This is why you should strive to make your workstation a "safe zone" with less pressure.

Beautifully crafted scented candles can assist you with this. The gentle scent of these candles may be utilized for a mini-aromatherapy session that can increase your productivity while also keeping you calm.

Enhance Productivity Levels

Sometime early in the afternoon, between 1-2 pm, our inner sloths start to take over. You become less driven, less productive, and drowsier all of a sudden. This is sometimes referred to as a mid-day lull. Keeping candles in your work area may help keep your senses active, keeping your body from wanting to slow down too much.

Stimulate Creativity

Do you require some support during your brainstorming session? Are you stuck in a slump with no new blog ideas? To enhance your cognitive senses, try using a peppermint or cinnamon-scented candle. Several studies have found that these scents give the brain a boost, increasing attentiveness and memory.

Improves Your Wellbeing

With the potential to decrease cortisol, scented candles can promote calm and assist in alleviating stress symptoms. Sure candles are designed to stimulate brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, which promote a happy mood.

Stay On Top of the Trends

When most people think of trends, they see things in the realms of clothes or music. However, as more young people enter the workforce, their behaviors change. One of these is the installation of candles in their office, but not simply for the sake of having a lovely scent but also to create an aesthetically appealing atmosphere.


As you can see, candles appear to be the perfect workplace décor item – they are controllable, practical, and help you throughout the day! So, if your desk is a downer, add a cluster of candles on it, and it will surely brighten it!

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