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September 17, 2021 3 min read

When you’re fixing up an area and aiming for a relaxed, elegant look, luxury candles are the way to go. They create an intimate atmosphere with a small, bright flame and a delicious aroma emanating from the wax, helping you set a specific mood. Candles are also highly versatile, going with just about any kind of decoration, giving you endless possibilities to use them!

If you love the smell of your designer candles and you want to use them as often as possible, you may be brainstorming different opportunities to light them up and have them illuminate your event. Whether you’re decorating a table for a dinner party or preparing your bathroom for a relaxing soak, candles can take them to the next level. Here are four different ways to use your favorite scented candles:

Celebrate an Anniversary

Candles add a dreamy, intimate, and romantic feel, making them crucial for celebrating an anniversary. They’re perfect for setting the mood, creating a cozy yet festive vibe. You can get a bit creative with candle placement by creating a romantic centerpiece out of them, pairing floral-scented candles with fresh flowers end edible decorations across the table. You can opt for traditionally romantic colors like white, pink, red, and purple, but you can also celebrate your relationship using flowers of your favorite colors instead. 

Even if you’re celebrating your anniversary at home, adding candles will instantly transform your regular dinner table into a special romantic dinner at a unique location. You can even turn a wineglass upside down, enclosing a cupcake or flower below, with the bottom serving as a candleholder!

Make Them into a Centerpiece in Your Living Room

Candles may look simple, but they can instantly elevate the atmosphere and look of a room. If you’re stumped on ways to make your living room elegant, consider crafting a centerpiece for it, adding your favorite candles to the mix. Pair your candles with greenery, using potted centerpieces of lavender and rosemary plants or maidenhair fern to achieve a relaxed, natural feel.

Alternatively, you can go for something more eye-catching and extravagant by filling a tall glass vase with lemon leaves, pairing it with a gold candleholders, willow eucalyptus, and a candle with a soothing scent. You can also add a flower or moss wreath around the candle and some tea lights for a simple yet fragrant centerpiece.

Decorate Your Dinner Table

If you want to make your everyday dinner a bit more special, why not add candles to the mix? Put your favorite white candles in geometric candle holders, which will add a soft light to your dinners while infusing elegance into the meal. You can even use candelabras to add a dramatic flair to your dinner table, putting them at the ends of the table.

Experimenting with different shapes of candles can also add an attractive focal point, so don’t be afraid to play around with your luxury candles by mixing and matching them to see which one provides the most attractive visual on your dinner table. Whatever you decide, your daily dinners are instantly made better!

Create a Dreamy Atmosphere for an Event

If you’re planning a dreamy, ethereal event, candles can help you achieve all that and more. Use silver candlesticks and pair them with something blue, like navy candles, to make your guests feel like they were subtly transported to another world. You can also submerge red roses under floating candles for a fairytale-themed event.

On the other hand, consider crafting a large centerpiece with hanging candles if you're aiming for a whimsical look. Make a nighttime event look fantastical and elegant by adding floating candles in plain glass vases, which are beautiful yet simple enough to effectively wow your guests.


When you can’t get enough of your candles, you’ll look for other opportunities to use them. Luckily, incorporating them into different events and places in your home is a great way to make the most out of them while elevating your home’s look and filling it with the fragrant aroma of your candles. With all these ideas, your home will be full of stunning displays of your favorite candles!

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