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October 07, 2021 3 min read

By default, your wedding day is bound to be unique and memorable all on its own. But as most of you already know, it’s the little things that can add up to make your wedding day even more perfect. 

They say that the sense of smell is the most closely linked to memory, more so than any other of your senses. You might forget what something looks like, feels like, or sounds like, but you never really forget a scent. Those memories, the ones that are tied to a single scent, never really fade. 

That’s one way to make your wedding day even more memorable. Let a signature scent mark your special day by using premium candles throughout your ceremony and celebration. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate the scent into your wedding, but nothing beats a steady glowing flame. 

Creating a signature scent just for your wedding day can also be a great way to go down memory lane and explore new things with your partner. There are plenty of things that can influence the signature scent you create for your wedding. 

You can think about the place where you both come from, where you met, your favorite things, and so much more. 

Here are some pointers to help you get started on crafting a premium candle for your signature wedding day scent.

Go Down Memory Lane

The signature scent you choose for your wedding day shouldn’t be ordinary. Forget every day and the usual. Go with something unique and special. This may sound a little more complicated than it is. If you’re going to create premium candles to mark your wedding day, go down memory lane with your partner. 

Think about your most precious memories together and see what you can remember about how things smelled that day. Maybe there was something special about the weather. Things like that will be the perfect foundation to start building your signature scent. 

Of course, you won’t only be using one scent. To create a strong but pleasant aroma, you’ll be combining a few fragrances that will complement each other and work together to be just the suitable marker for your wedding day.

Consider the Venue

When you are creating your scent, make sure to consider the venue. If it’s outdoors, you might want to think about what scents will go with environments that can smell grassy, sandy, woody, and so on. 

You can even use the natural scents of the environment to emphasize further the smell coming off from the premium candles. If your wedding is indoors, be mindful of creating a scent that’s too strong. 

Sure, that will make your day memorable, but it probably won’t be in a good way. Find a solid yet subtle scent that will be noticeable without bothering the guests and yourself. 

Focus on a Theme

If you’re having trouble choosing a memory or you just want something completely new and unique, even to you as a couple, you can also focus on a theme for your signature scent. There are plenty of amazing ideas you can explore. 

Try creating a scent rooted in all the things you love as a couple, maybe food, a place, or something completely different. A themed scent is a great way to mark your wedding day. There is something romantic and exciting about creating an entirely new smell just for the day you make a different kind of commitment to each other. 


Your wedding day only happens once in your life with your partner. Whether you have a large budget or not, a fancy venue or something simple, you can mark the day down by creating a signature scent. 

A person’s memory tends to fail to recall certain things. Over time your memories of how something looked or sounded can change, but you never forget the way something smells. Use premium candles to ensure that your wedding day is etched into your memories forever.

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