Your Bag is Empty

March 22, 2021 2 min read

At Lovespoon Candles you can bulk order our candles, or wholesale our candles for your retail store.  Bulk candle orders are great for weddingsor any other special events you may have coming up.  

Visit our wholesale candles website and fill out the short form.  Your information will be reviewed and we will contact you via email or a representative in your area will be in touch. 

Opening candle orders must be placed with our office.  Once your account or order is confirmed a representative from Lovespoon Candles will reach out to you to place your opening order.  Once your initial order is shipped, your account will be activated by an administrator and you can place additional orders through the wholesale candles website. 

We offer exclusive dealership per zip code. Please note, exceptions may apply to distance between shops even if the zip code is different.  Territory is monitored by Lovespoon Candles, our sales representatives, and shop owners. To maintain exclusive dealership status, regular orders should be placed throughout the year.  After six months of inactivity, the territory could be in jeopardy. Active shopkeepers are welcome to register their business for an online wholesale candles account by visiting the wholesale site at wholesale candles website .

 At Lovespoon you can wholesale soy wax candles in 99 different candle options.  Additionally, our soy wax candles come in 33 delectable fragrances for your clientele to thoroughly enjoy.  The same applies for any bulk candle orders for weddings or special events.  You can select from any soy wax candle options we provide.  Plus we also offer bulk candle orders on our Travel Tin Candle line which make for perfect company events and wedding gift favors.  The options are endless at Lovespoon Candles.  Get in touch with us today so we can make your store more enticing to your customers and make your wedding and event the best it can be.  Check out all our candle options here.