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February 19, 2021 3 min read

Why Are Artisan Soy Candles So Expensive?

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or gearing up for a romantic night in, very few things can set the mood like lighting an artisan candle. Lighting an artisan candle is an easy and cost-effective way to transform your environment into something special. Scented candles or artisan scented candles made of natural soy in a luxurious looking glass candle can make for an idyllic ambiance.  Lovespoon Candles an artisan candle company is sure to please the most critical of candle connoisseurs.  

In 2015, the U.S. retail sales of candles were an estimated $3.2 billion. Make no mistake, that’s a lot of scented candles, but when you do the math, it’s not as many as you’d think. Though stores like Target, Yankee Candle, Homegoods, or Bath & Body Works offer plenty of options for under $30, the industry is chock-full of candles that cost double or triple the price. And once you light that pricey, luxurious wick, it’s easy to feel like you’re burning your money away on a scented candle. Or are you? Are luxurious, artisan candles adding more quality to your life? We would answer in the affirmative! A scented candle with free shipping improves your overall well being.

Luckily at Lovespoon Candles, you can access free shipping or as we like to say it shipping scent free:-) Simply pick out a favorite scent, light our natural soy candle, and relax. We will take care of the rest....

For most luxury scented candle companies, it starts with the quality of the wax, wick and the scents. While perfumes or fragrances are loaded with oils that simply smell good, in our case, an artisan soy glass candle at Lovespoon Candles is a careful concoction of essential oils, an eco-friendly wick, and lovely clean burning soy wax.

At $42 for an 8.5 ounce Lovespoon Candle, there are other factors that contribute to its higher price tag—including the complexity of the scents. At Lovespoon Candles, we are constantly striving to capture specific, bliss moments in a glass jar or tin candle blended with natural soy wax. The palette of fragrances to choose from at Lovespoon Candles is vast and sure to delight even the most difficult of critics.

Yes, there are many natural soy candles you can buy that may be less, but if you’re buying a $10 candle, there’s no way what’s inside of it is of high-quality. Other costs for Lovespoon Candles include sourcing American-made recycled glass jars, tinting each jar in a rainbow of colors such as purple, red, blue, brown, green and orange and then, pad printing our elegant logo on the face of each glass jar. Moreover, the exquisite patterns and elegant designs found on our deluxe matted black and white tins to appease the most sophisticated clientele. Additionally, every vessel is housed in our signature designed boxes to ensure the most perfect presentation to the one who is lucky enough to receive our soy candles.

In addition to its mix of non-toxic soy wax, eco-friendly wick, and essential oils, Lovespoon's 100-percent soy candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and have never been tested on animals. Although soy wax burns evenly, slowly, and generally produces less smoke, it’s not an industry standard. Some luxury candles believe it or not, don’t even use soy! They’re using things that are easier to make in mass production.

Whether you spend $20 or $150, all candles are not created equal. Our founder, Jenny prides herself on placing a lot of emphasis on quality and she also recommends investing in companies that share her ethos. In todays day and age, we want transparent companies that pride themselves on providing the utmost in quality.

Jenny on the other hand, states that candles aren’t as essential as food and water, so why not invest in a scented candle you really love. Candles are less functional so it really boils down to enjoying life, friends and candles....