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July 16, 2021 3 min read

In the cold weather and maybe perhaps in the warmer months, you would want to try burning designer candles for warmth and good vibes. Doing so might give you the feeling of nostalgia, or maybe you enjoy getting immersed in a candle's delicious scent, which cheers you up.

However, most people would burn through too many candles each week yet always end up with an imperfectly burnt candle. There is actually a correct way to burn a candle that you probably don't know about!

If you want to burn your candles perfectly and get the most out of them with no wasted scent and wax, read on. This post will give a few tips to make your candle look better and last longer while keeping you safe.

Purchase Multi-Wick Candles

You may find it hard to properly burn candles even if you have bought the best ones for your home. Perhaps your candle only has one wick, which cannot help you with perfectly burning them. The next time you shop for candles, make sure that what you purchase are multi-wick candles. 

Buying a candle with two or more wicks means it will also give off a stronger flame, and therefore, more heat. Hence, it will lead to a quicker melt and will throw more scents than a single-wick candle!

Burn the Top Layer Completely

How you burn your candle the first time dictates how it will behave for the rest of its life. If you want to burn a candle properly, you need to keep it lit until the top layer of wax melts to the perimeter of the candle's vessel. You don't need to worry about the tunnel effect as long as you let the top layer burn entirely. 

Let the Wax Melt to the Edge

It would be best if you do not blow your candle out prematurely, particularly before the wax melts to the edge. This process might take several hours, so it’s important to be patient and just let the candle burn for a while.

If you fail to let the wax melt to the edge, the wick will begin to sink lower, and it will form the dreaded tunnel. And eventually, this tunnel will grow so deep, making it difficult to light the wick for your next candle session. 

Trim the Wick Every Time

Every time you burn your candle, it is essential to trim its wick. Doing so will give you a brighter and cleaner burn. Meanwhile, if you don't cut your wick more often, your candle will more likely dull and obscure the flame and even cause nasty smoke stains.

Avoid Burning Candles Longer Than Four Hours

Burning your candle for more than four hours can cause the wick to become unstable and the candle to smoke. Moreover, doing so can lead to a much larger, and therefore much more dangerous flame. This can be detrimental to your safety, so limit your candle sessions to three hours or less.

Final Thoughts

If you want to burn your candles perfectly, keep all of these tips in mind every time you light up. Once you get these habits down, you’ll be a pro! But if you think you need further assistance, it would be best to seek help from candle experts.

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