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September 30, 2021 3 min read

Having scented candles lit up can be amazing for any home, filling the air with wafts of vanilla or lavender. A beautiful fragrance can greatly improve the mood that you’re in, which is why it’s recommended to always have a scented candle on hand. However, there’s been a bit of debate about how you want to use them.

Some people claim that burning candles just as they are is the most ideal way to get the scent around. Enthusiasts would push the narrative that having a candle warmer is much better though, preaching that it gets the smell around better. If you want to learn more about the benefits of each method and which one is more ideal for your scented candles, keep reading.

Benefits of Burning a Candle

People can’t go wrong when they’re just burning the candle that they have. Candles have always been ready to be set aflame, just like the old-fashioned way. Here are certain perks to this method:


  • Ease. It’s simply uncomplicated to just get a match stick and light up the flame of a candle. You wouldn’t have to set up any warmer, as you can just plop the candle on the table, set it on fire, take in the scents right away.
  • Accessibility. Candles are considerably more available than candle warmers, and you wouldn’t even have to get the latter. Supply would be no problem if you ever run out or you’re unable to reuse a candle any further.
  • Ambiance. Some people enjoy the illumination and flicker of the flame. The scented candles are effective in lighting up the home to make it slightly cozier than before, which can set the tone for the night.

    Benefits of Using a Candle Warmer

    Candle warmers are favored by many enthusiasts when it comes to scented candles, as it heats up the candle without the need for a flame. Even though you’d need to utilize an entire mechanism, there are plenty of advantages of using a candle warmer. Here are just a few:


  • Easy Cleanup. It’s easier to clean up and put away candles afterward because there would be no soot to scrub off. It’s also a plus that you don’t have to use matchsticks at all since electricity will do all the work for you.
  • Less Danger. Using a candle warmer means that the scented candle will be flameless. This arrangement is exponentially better for your children and pets. Plus, you wouldn’t even have to worry much about being forgetful either. 
  • More Cost-Efficient. Candle warmers work well in slow-burning a candle, which means that the candle you got can be reused a couple of times compared to when you actually burn it. If you want to save up on repurchasing your favorite candles, this is ideal. 

    Comparisons of Scent Throws

    When it comes to fragrance strength and how the scent is thrown around the home, candle warmers are usually better. They’re made to specifically distribute the smell evenly in the house once the wax has been melted. Warmers also eliminate the smell of the lit wick, the smoke, and the soot from regular burning.


    There are many points to compare burning candles and using a candle warmer, but each has its own set of pros. Candle warmers may have a slight edge on just lighting up a candle with a match if it’s in regards to how strong the smell would be.

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