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October 15, 2021 3 min read

Are you wondering how scented candles produce such wonderful smells? We are here to tell you a secret. The scent that you can smell from scented candles is usually derived from fragrance oils or essential oils. These two really produce great smells, but they have a lot of differences that you must know. If you’re a fan of scented candles, you should know about these differences because that can help you a lot if you’re planning to have a collection of different scented candles.

Here’s the most crucial information that you should know about essential oils and fragrance oils: 

The Difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in Terms of Production

Essential oils and fragrance oils are very different in terms of how they are made. As you know, essential oils are concentrated liquids that come from organic plants. The scents from the oil are purely organic, and the smell depends on the particular plant used. 

On the other hand, fragrance oils are a mixture of highly concentrated synthetic or natural aroma compounds and nearly scentless carrier oil. Essentially, fragrance oils are produced with chemical compounds, while essential oils are produced with plants to have that scent.

The Difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in Terms of Smell

Fragrance oils can give you a stronger scent compared to essential oils. If you’re going to put each oil in different candles, you will notice that a single drop of fragrance oil will have a more intense scent than the essential oil. That is because the primary purpose of fragrance oils is to deliver a pungent smell. 

You will need to drop a lot of essential oils before you can meet the smell intensity of the fragrance oil. That is because essential oils are not diluted with benign carrier oils. They are more concentrated, making them produce less smell compared to fragrance oils. 

The Difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils in Terms of Shelf Life

Fragrance oils have no definite shelf life because different fragrance oils comprise different molecular compounds that dissipate at different speeds. But, it’s safe to say that fragrance oils can last up to 12 months. The shelf life translates pretty consistently on candles. Meaning, if you put it on your candles, the scent can last for about one year. Of course, all factors must be considered for the fragrance to last a year. It will depend if your candle is left uncapped or open to the air. 

Essential oils, on the other hand, can last you much longer. Most essential oils can last for about 2-5 years. If your essential oil is derived from specific types of organic matter, it can have a shelf life of 15 years or more. 

However, when you put essential oils in your candle, it can only hold their scent for less than 12 months because essential oils evaporate and dissipate much faster. 


Both fragrance oils and essential oils can give you great scents. While they have a lot of differences, they can still benefit you, especially when you use them in your candles. In fact, you can even blend them to create a more pronounced smell for your aromatherapy. Just make sure that you use both oils correctly in a safe manner to avoid health complications or incidents. 

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