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December 10, 2021 3 min read

Getting enough restful sleep is important in maintaining your health and overall happiness. The quality and amount of rest that a person gets impacts their mood, productivity, and cognitive ability throughout the next day. Although everyone knows how important it is to get quality sleep, actually achieving it is easier said than done.

In the process of figuring out an effective nightly routine, such as limiting screen time before sleeping, many have also tried burning lavender candles to see if they will have any effect. Is it possible to improve your sleep because of these candles? After all, lavender has been proven to improve sleep onset and overall sleep quality. 

Lavender is also designed to improve a person’s total sleep duration. It also reduces a person’s heart rate and relaxes their muscles, helping them fall asleep faster.

How Should You Choose Lavender Candles?

Have you ever wondered what type of lavender candle you should buy? We suggest choosing one that uses genuine lavender essential oil. Those made from real lavender are the only candles that will have a notable positive effect on your sleep. Although many lavender candles smell genuine, there is a chance that they don’t contain the beneficial chemicals that natural lavender does.

How Do Lavender Candles Work?

Lavender is an anxiolytic or an anxiety reliever. It is also an effective sedative. The natural chemicals released by lavender interact with a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) to reduce any feeling of nervousness, restlessness, and anger. It is also effective in calming down your brain.

When you burn lavender, its natural chemicals are slowly introduced into the air, enabling you to relax and reduce your heart rate so that you can get ready for a better slow-wave sleep, which is also called delta sleep. This stage of rest is when your body rejuvenates itself so that you can feel well-rested and recovered when you wake up.

When Should You Use Lavender Candles?

It is best to burn lavender candles for around thirty minutes to one hour before you go to sleep. Doing so gives your body enough time to relax on a nightly basis. The purpose of developing this routine is for your body to form positive associations that help you sleep better. By including the scent of lavender into your nighttime ritual, your body will automatically associate the smell with sleeping, serving as a cue to begin shutting down.

Is it a must to use lavender candles? Not necessarily. You can also use potpourri, wax warmers, or a humidifier with lavender essential oil. However, candles are simply the most accessible method that you can use since all you have to do is light them. Remember that you must use natural lavender, not regular lavender fragrance, to really take advantage of its effects.

Are There Any Lavender Candle Safety Concerns?

According to studies, lavender oil is considered an endocrine disruptor, which means it can affect your body’s natural hormones. Essentially, lavender oil can have a mild effect on testosterone or estrogen. However, this is only applicable if the oil has been used on your skin or ingested. This type of risk is non-existent when it comes to lavender candles. After all, you will not be ingesting anything. 

As far as studies are concerned, there have been no reported incidents where burning lavender negatively affected anyone.


Lavender is one of the best-scented candles available in the market today. It effectively soothes your body and mind and allows you to get a good night’s sleep. By lighting lavender candles before bedtime, you can ensure that you have a good quality rest throughout the night. 

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