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October 29, 2021 3 min read

Fall is the "cooling off" month between the scorching summer and the freezing winter. When the colder weather of September arrives, it's easy to say good-by to summer. Fall is a wonderful time to get out your jackets, coats, scarves, caps, and boots in preparation for the changing of the seasons.

It's also a perfect time to go camping, fishing, taking a road trip, or doing anything else that allows you to spend quality time with family outdoors.

Fall is indeed a lovely time of year, and this pre-winter season is surely eye candy for Instagram, but it also provides an extra benefit for your well-being due to the season's fragrances. Because yourolfactory reaction is linked to your emotional center, a simple sniff might induce those warm and fuzzy feelings.

The earthy smells of fall are largely due to plants preparing for winter. The sugars and organic compounds in fallen leaves decay, giving off the musky-sweet stench of a leaf pile.

In honor of the first official day of fall, here is a list of some of the season's greatest smells that also offer a few wellness benefits:

1. Sandalwood

Scents of sandalwood are described as deep, woody, and sometimes flowery, with notes of balsamic and gentle, as well as sweet undertones. Because of its wonderful aroma, it is often employed as a foundation note in many well-known perfumes and colognes throughout history. 

Sandalwood is recognized for its ability to relax the mind and body, allowing you to enter a meditative state in which you may achieve inner peace. 

2. Apples

According to Prevention magazine, a 2008 research discovered that individuals who found the aroma attractive also saw a considerable improvement in their headache symptoms as well as a shorter migraine episode.

3. Pine Cones

During calm and bright autumn days, the most vibrant pines—which emit the most fragrant scent of fall—grow to their full potential. When the aroma of fresh air is combined with the light shining through the colorful trees, there's nothing more refreshing than that. 

The brightening force of sunshine inspires the warm colors that we associate with this time of year.

4. Pumpkin

According to the research findings done by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, when the perfume was blended with lavender, 40 percent of the male test respondents reacted favorably to it, while just 20 percent responded negatively. 

The famous autumn perfume dubbed the "symbol of the season" is also an olfactory aphrodisiac for males.

5. Cinnamon

One breath of this lovely perfume may quickly make you feel warm and comfortable. 

According to research conducted by Wheeling Jesuit University, the sweet spice helped individuals who received it perform better in cognitive skills such as visual-motor reaction and attention span. Researchers have discovered that the fragrance of cinnamon may aid in improving brain function.

6. Nutmeg

When used in incense, Nutmeg is a popular aroma for sleep since it can stimulate muscular relaxation and stress reduction. 

Nutmeg's deep, earthy scent is also associated with several health advantages. Phytochemical myristicin, which is contained in nutmeg, has been shown to inhibit an enzyme that leads to Alzheimer's disease.


Take advantage of this awesome season to enjoy the outdoors and get a breath of fresh air of sweet autumn smell. Since smell is strongly linked to long-lasting memories, why don’t you make new ones today? In addition, bring those wonderful autumn smells into your home through these scented candle suggestions we gave. 

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