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November 19, 2021 3 min read

The scent of your home can have a significant impact on your moods and emotions. Depending on the fragrance you're exposed to, you may feel peaceful, relaxed, excited, or romantic. On the other hand, foul odors could lead to sour moods and an overall terrible day.

Given the bearing that scents have on your daily life, you may have considered purchasing scented candles in bulk at one point to improve the smell of your home. If you've done it, great! But are you using them to their fullest potential?

Below are some tips that may help you make the most of your scented candles. 

Place the Candles Strategically 

Of course, you have free reign on where to place your pretty candles, but you need to note that some rooms stand to benefit from the fragrant scents compared to others. 

Living Room

The living room is one of the places where most families gather around. It's also where you host your guests, so it makes perfect sense that you want it to smell its best when you're entertaining other people.

Placing scented candles in the living room also gets rid of the burning scent of the fireplace if you have one. 

The top scent suggestions for the living room aresandalwood andvanilla


The kitchen is the most exposed area to scents among all the rooms in your house, given the different meals you prepare and cook there daily. They may be fragrant in separate batches, but they're capable of creating horrid scent combinations if your kitchen isn't well-ventilated.

Moreover, it is also one of the best places to host guests, especially if you have a breakfast nook or kitchen island. To make your kitchen space more appealing for everyone, you'll need scented candles to combat the aromas wafting from the various food. 

Consider getting luxury candles with scents ofcitrus,vanilla, or herbs andspices for the kitchen. 


Much like the kitchen, the bathroom hosts various scents throughout the day, some fouler than others. After all, this is where people do their business, so it's best if you have something to deal with the smell.

Additionally, scented candles can improve the bath experience if you have a tub in your bathroom. The right scent can make it seem as if you're in a spa, which may help you relax more. 

Considering these, you may want to purchase clean candles that exudecitrus,vanilla, orlavender scents for the bathroom. 

Trim the Wicks

Trimming the wicks is one of the first things you need to remember when using scented candles. Failing to do so before every use can cause nasty smoke chains that diminish the scent of your candles.

You can use different items to trim your candle's wicks. There are specially made wick cutters, but scissors or nail trimmers will work just fine. 

Don't Let Your Candle Burn Overnight

Even the best-scented candles aren't made for overnight use. At most, they should be burning for a couple of hours. Leaving your candles burning for a long time can result in "mushroom wicks" caused by carbon collecting around it.

Mushroom wicks may cause large, unstable flames and a smoky, unpleasant scent. 

On another note, if you wish to extinguish your candle's flame, don’t blow on it. Instead, place the cover over the candle and wait for it to die. This way, you can prevent smoke from overpowering the fragrance that your luxury candle just exuded. 

The Bottom Line

Like many things, there are proper ways to use scented candles. If you wish to make the most out of your money and preserve your candles for long-term use, you need to keep in mind the tips mentioned above at home. 

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