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November 26, 2021 3 min read

The candle is one household item that has existed for thousands of years, with some of the earliest uses occurring sometime in ancient Rome and Greece. Much like other innovations, candles evolved over time, and today, we see many variations of them, from simple, clean candles to luxury ones.

With so many types of candles available in the market, it's not at all surprising that people use them regularly. Moreover, their constant presence in our daily lives has resulted in different roles throughout history. Let's explore some that we can still see today. 

The Significance of Candles in Different Life Aspects 

Faith and Religious Traditions

Many people have a certain level of reverence for the candle because of its status as a religious symbol. In fact, different faiths showcase candles in their religious traditions.

Candle Usage in Catholicism

You may already be aware of this one, but it's worth mentioning that candles are especially prevalent in the Roman Catholic Denomination. 

For one, Catholics typically light candles to present their prayers in front of their lord. If their wishes are granted, they will then light additional candles on a later date as a form of gratitude. Aside from prayers, candles, particularly votive candles, represent offerings to the Catholic God and saints. 

Candle Usage in Judaism

In Judaism, candles are most symbolic during thereligious holiday of Hanukkah

Jewish people place eight candles on a traditional Jewish candelabra called amenorah. The candles are placed from right to left, but Jewish people light them in the reverse order. 

Lighting candles on a menorah is a means of remembering and honoring the past. The ritual represents the re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem. 

Love and Romance

Candles often make an appearance on romantic rendezvous. They help set the tone, creating a warm, dimly lit scene perfect for intimate relations. In addition to ambient lighting, the scented soy candle variety also helps enhance the romantic atmosphere.

What many people don't know is that candle usage for romance isn't limited to dates alone. To this day, many couples who have Catholic marriages feature candles in their ceremonies. The Unity candle symbolizes the marriage bond and represents the passion that the couple feels for each other. 

Hope and Enlightenment

At one point in time, you may have heard of the phrase "a light in the dark." Many people take this to mean the presence of Jesus Christ in a person's life. However, for those who are non-believers, this light, typically represented by a candle, symbolizes hope.

Another meaning for candles in relation to the darkness has to do with enlightenment. People who are close to the light are enlightened and privy to truth and knowledge. Meanwhile, those who are away from it are not. 

Celebration of Life

Of course, we can't forget the most prominent role of candles in society: a symbol of celebration. 

For centuries, candles have appeared on birthdays, allowing celebrants to make wishes after blowing out their candles. Catholics also use candles to send out prayers to their fallen loved ones. 

Final Thoughts

While they may seem ordinary and insignificant, candles play prominent roles in our everyday lives, giving us the means to celebrate life, marriage, hope, and enlightenment. 

Unique variations of candles, like luxury candles, also work well as gifts for different occasions. On your next shopping trip, consider the candles' importance and treat yourself a little.

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