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October 29, 2021 3 min read

You and your significant other finished the dinner you cooked together before you chilled out together in front of the TV with a few glasses of wine. Maybe it’s the scene from the movie or the alcohol, but you started slow dancing in the middle of the living room to a song softly playing on one of your phones. You get intimate and decide to take this to the bedroom. Everything is going great until you open the bedroom door and smell Eau de wet dog—moment gone.

The scent in a space is one of the things that are often forgotten when setting the mood. Yes, the soft lighting and the slow jazz in the background can make a romantic atmosphere, but an out-of-place odor can throw off the balance of an otherwise perfect scenario. Plus, studies say thatscents can affect how you and your partnerenjoy the moment in more ways than one.

Incense sticks, diffusers, essential oils, and fragrances are great products to make a space smell heavenly. However, nothing can beat scented soy candles when it comes to making a space fit for romance.

Here are some scents that you may want to get if you want to get a little intimate with your partner:


Vanilla is a scent that you recognize and most probably already love. Avanilla-scented candle is soothing, warm, and sweet—perfect descriptions for an intimate night.

Aside from smelling nice, vanilla’s scent can reduce stress and ease tension while reducing drowsiness. It’s no wonder why vanilla is considered a natural aphrodisiac.


Roses are the flower that people often associate with romance. They’re beautiful, they smell nice, and they boost fertility and libido. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the scent of roses can make people more responsive to touch too.

You can forget about scattering rose petals on the floor, light arose-scented candle instead. Dim the lights, light the candle, and bam! You have a room ready for romance.


If you’re someone who finds vanilla too sweet-smelling and rose too floral-smelling, then try lighting asandalwood-scented candle. Sandalwood has a woodier aroma compared to the previous two scents.

Although traditionally considered as a masculine scent, sandalwood is known for its aphrodisiac properties for centuries that can help people relax. It may be muskier and woodier, but it can get you where you want to go.


When you’re feeling a little experimental and adventurous, bring aginger-scented candle to the party. It smells a little sweet and a little spicy—perfect for a sweet and spicy evening.

The scent of ginger gets the blood pumping and the people smelling them excited. Additionally, an active circulation system can make you sweat a little. A little perspiration is good because it enhances certain body chemicals that heighten sexual attraction.


Are you not into the smell of anything spicy but want to experience a similar effect? If so, then lighting anorange-scented candle is the best option for you.

Similar to ginger, orange scents can stimulate the circulatory system and pump blood to parts where it matters. Alertness and increased sensitivity to stimuli are great bonuses, don’t you think?


People often forget the role of scents in creating an atmosphere for intimacy. But scents can affect the quality enjoyment that you and your partner can have in your moments of passion.

There are a lot of candle scents that can make a good night great, but pick one that you like. You and your significant other can even choose a scent together. Then, on your next date night, after having your dinner and putting away the dishes, dim the lights, light a scented soy candle, turn on some soft music, and see what happens after that.

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