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December 03, 2021 3 min read

Life can be very overwhelming sometimes, so it’s good to have ways to make our bodies relax and feel immediately more serene. Scientists have noted thedirect link between scents and emotion and memory. This is why restaurants and other establishments put out specific scents to exploit visitors’ moods and affect their behavior.

You can use this very same tactic at home to lower your stress and anxiety. The right scent will work its way up your olfactory system to send your brain the necessary signals to boost your mood and put you at ease. An easy way to set this up is by the use of scented candles.

Not sure what scent works for your needs? Check out the different effects you can get from some of the most popular scented candles.


This scent is one of the most well-known ways to relieve anxious feelings. It’s a good scent for inducing sleep and relaxing as you settle down for the day. If you have trouble with fidgety energy and too many thoughts at night, this scent can help you. 


There may be this popular notion that vanilla is a boring or basic scent, but there’s a reason it still endures as one of the most popular scents out there. It emits a sweetness that many people associate with warm feelings and good memories. As it brings feelings of being taken care of, getting a delicious baked treat, and the holidays, it’s a great option when you’re feeling stressed by other factors around you.


Though you may associate rosemary purely with the kitchen, its scent profile is great for boosting your energy in a non-stressful way. If you’re trying to get things done and you want to feel more focused, this scent can help you to lessen the clutter of other stresses so you can accomplish your tasks.


Lemon has a nice zest to it that works great either at the start of the day or at the end. It’s just bright enough to give you a feeling of joy and attentiveness, but it’s not so overpowering that you miss out on the relaxing properties it can have. 


This is another scent that is great for calming nerves as it induces warm feelings and welcome emotions. On its own, the scent is excellent forboosting your memory during tasks. On top of that, many people associate cinnamon with happy holidays and get-togethers. This makes it a perfect candle for building feelings of comfort and ease.


Peppermint has long been used to soothe irritation and tension. Its minty properties can relax the mind and can be less confronting than citrus. 


While floral scents tend to be reserved for perfumes because of their overpowering nature, rose is one of the more refreshing and subtler fragrances of its kind. When used in a candle, it can be very relaxing after a high-stress day. 

Sea Breeze

Is there anything quite as calming as being out by the sea? This scent is an easy pick for anyone that finds relaxation from the notion of the sea. Combine it with some audio of the sea and you’re in for a great destressing session.


Whether you use them as bath candles or set them up in your room for bedtime, scented candles can legitimately improve your wellbeing. Modern candles are made with materials that are safe for use and should last you a good amount of time. You can also go for eco-friendly and organic candles that will let you feel relief without a hint of guilt.

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