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November 19, 2021 3 min read

Self-care is a crucial part of a person’s daily routine. Too often, people neglect to give themselves care and support because they are preoccupied with responsibilities and obligations. Over time, this only hurts how productive a person can be because they end up getting more stressed and burnt out. 

The days can get busy and overwhelming, especially because we’re currently living in stressful times. It’s best to make sure you set aside some time in your day for some self-care practices. 

1 - Take Ten Minutes for Gratitude and Affirmations

It’s easy to get your mind filled with worries, regrets, and stressful problems. Make sure you give yourself at least ten minutes at the end of the day to recount the things that you are grateful for. This brings to light the positive aspects you may have otherwise overlooked. It can also help you train yourself to appreciate your own worth by saying positive affirmations.

2 - Exercise

Physical activity is good for everybody. It maintains mental and physical health as it tones your body and releases positive hormones in your mind. This can help you cope with a lot of issues and improve your mood regulation, too.

If you feel like you’re too tired or you don’t have enough time to exercise, simply do light activity for at least ten minutes a day. You can increase this time depending on your goals and schedule. Even going slowly but surely is a great way to get healthier and feel happier.

3 - Indulge In a Meal

A little bit of indulgence won’t hurt you, as long as you don’t get dependent. Give yourself a little treat with a snack you’ve been craving, a sip of your favorite tea, or a dish you’ve always wanted to try. 

You give yourself a sort of reward for getting through the day’s tasks, and you can use this to make sure you are consuming the right nutrients your body needs.

4 - Do a Little Spa Routine

Bring out the bath candles, run some hot water, and put a face mask on. You don’t have to make a routine that’s too complicated. It might even be easier for you to curate your own little spa set that you can easily set up at the end of the day. The good thing here is that you can be as comprehensive as you like or keep things simple. Giving yourself this outlet can free your mind from worries and help with any aches and pains that may be accumulating. 

5 - Cozy Up in a Relaxation Nook

Create a little area to really induce a relaxed state. Put comfortable pillows, some books, soft lighting, some nice music, and some aromatherapy. You can use incense or some fancy candles with scents to set the vibe that you find most peaceful. When everything seems too busy, it’s good to have a little area that you can treat as an escape zone just for you.

Final Thoughts

If you make the time for self-care, you’ll have more energy and motivation to accomplish your goals. You’ll also end up decreasing your stress and improving your general wellbeing. Always keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you matter and deserve this self-care.

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